A few weeks ago when in Liverpool I walked into Lush, forgetting that it was the worlds biggest store! Quickly we were greeted by a member of staff who told us a bit about the store, advised us of the different floors and what to expect on each, including a spa, the first Lush hair salon and even a florist. Within the Liverpool store, there are a huge variety of products (thousands) and there are a ton of exclusive products which can only be purchased within that store. You can even have a party there and be able to try some party only exclusives. When I visited Lush Oxford Street a few years ago I thought that store was beyond amazing, but Liverpool has managed to top it for sure. Heading straight up to the second floor where I was shocked at not only the number of products within the store but the way they were laid out. It felt like an adorable little market, with little stalls hosting soap, dental products and other products. Each time I looked up from admiring one stall, I found something else which caught my eye. 

I noticed in the middle of the floor there was a bath bomb conveyor belt which were organised into colours, I was in awe at the bath bombs as they went around, I saw some of my favourites and of course a ton of products which were new to me. When we were browsing the store we found the dental products, which I have to admit, had me thrown off a little bit, as they do not at all look like toothpaste or mouth wash. The look on my face probably said it all. A store colleague then came over and offered to tell us more about the dental products and was super keen for us to try some. The mouthwash was in tablet form which had me baffled but Will & I both decided to try some. It involves you putting a tab in your mouth, adding water and swirling it around your mouth as you would do normal mouthwash before spitting it out. I went for the Palma Violets as they’re one of my favourite sweets and Will went for mint. I enjoyed the experience of the Palma Violets and decided to pick some up for myself as they’re great for on to go. 



Lush Liverpool
Bath bombs from Lush Liverpool

During my Lush experience, I kept feeling sad about how I don’t have a bath anymore, as there were so many bath bombs I’d of loved to have purchased. But Lush have now been working on creating shower bombs which I think is cool. I decided to grab a body scrub too as the colours drew me in. We then saw the Bath Bomb wall which is so bright, colourful and smells delightful. Before we headed over, I looked up and saw a familiar face and considering we aren’t from anywhere near Liverpool it was a strange experience. However, it was someone who I went to school with from primary and high school and they’d actually moved to Liverpool to go to university and worked in Lush too. It made my day seeing a familiar face, who told us a few more things we needed to check out. With that, I went over to the wall of bath bombs, which showcases some of their bath bombs. With a row of each bath bomb, there are plenty for you to purchase and still enjoy the amazingness of the wall. 

Last but not least we headed into a section where the shower jellies were and they had HUGE versions of some favourite shower jellies as well as more exclusives and their party area. Where I saw the cutest Alpaca bath bomb which is one of their party exclusives. We then headed down to the first floor, had a look around at what was on offer before heading to the checkout. Even behind the checkout is a huge wall rammed with Lush products, you can’t help but be tempted by so many marvellous products. The whole store is a must-see if you’re a Lush fan or not, if you’re visiting Liverpool I’d totally recommend it. Some Lush stores can be quite compact which doesn’t always supply you with the best experience but this store is massive. I went on a weekday too, so it was pretty much empty. Would totally recommend going on a day when it is likely to be less busy so you can enjoy it more. 

Lush Liverpool bath bomb wall
Lush Liverpool Bath Bomb Wall
Lush classic bath bombs
Lush Liverpool Bath Bomb Wall

Will & I plan to head back to Liverpool in the next few weeks and I already can’t wait to go back and visit again. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ve missed actually writing about places I’ve been so it’s been fun to be able to do so again. 

Until next time,


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  1. Kim says:

    Wow! This looks amazing… I’m actually going to Liverpool (and Manchester) at the end of October and this is going to be top of the list. I love the photos you’ve taken, especially the bath bomb conveyor belt.

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