Tips for first time renting

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Moving out of home into your own place is a huge step for most of us. Whether you’re off to university to live in student housing or on the hunt for you to move into your own place. It’s no surprise that in 2019, the number of us renting is on the increase. Let’s face it, buying a house can be tough, on low wages and saving can be hard. I hold my hands up and say buying my own house, seems like a lifetime away for me, so renting seems like my best option.

As much as I enjoy my own space and freedom and it can be a lot at first when it comes to finding your feet. It’s important to read into your contract, work out pricings and find out what is included. So here are my 4 useful tips that every new tenant should be aware of.

Find out what is included in the cost:

When it comes to renting and paying the rent itself, it is important to find out what is included in that price, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished and if any bills are included. Some landlords offer some bills included in the rent. This happens more likely if you live with your landlord as a tenant. In those situations, you tend to save more money, the only downside, of course, is living with your landlord.

Take pictures of any faults when you move in

When you’re moving in make sure you take a proper look around the property for any faults and flag these with your landlord straight away. Also, take pictures of everything throughout the home and make sure there is a date stamp on them. This could be beneficial if needed later on. If something breaks during your tenancy let your landlord know. Usually, they will ask you to book an appointment which suits you with an engineer. Then pay for this afterwards. It’s best to keep a list of people who can help with repairs, such as Boiler repair Leeds and a locksmith.

The area matters

Not only in the sense of feeling safe, but also when it comes to pricing. If you’re relocating moving further down south the prices tend to be more than up north. If you are looking to move to a city moving to Leeds is going to be significantly different from Brighton, mostly due to the demand in housing and living by the sea. With Leeds, it is cheaper overall for living. Your landlord should cover the majority maintenance costs for the house, if not all of them.

If during your annual gas check you’re advised your boiler needs replacing your Landlord should be in charge of sorting this, however, again, if you are asked to book an appointment using an installation company with a good reputation such as Boiler Installation Leeds is essential. However, in most cases, your landlord will sort these issues for you.

Check your deposit is secure

This is one of the things I appreciate my landlord for, he’s always been upfront when it comes to my deposit. Advising us where it’s kept, giving us details on the company who holds it. It is actually a legal requirement of your landlord to put this into a deposit protection scheme. This is required for a number of reasons which you can read more about on the DPS website.

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