What would I include in my dream kitchen?

Moving into my home is often something I dream about, partly because I feel like it would be totally acceptable to add quirky features to my house which are somewhat like the ones you find on Pinterest. Alongside this dream, I have a whole plan of what I’d include in my dream bathroom and kitchen too. With everything from the mirrors in the bathroom to the dining table in the kitchen (which would be from Heal’s as their stuff is lush!) With this in mind, I decided to create a post about what I’d include in my dream kitchen, as always, my taste is slightly out of the box. So here are some examples of what I’d love to have in my kitchen of dreams.

Photo credit Emily Martin


Brightly coloured mix and match furniture

When it comes to furniture, I love the idea of giving old furniture a new home. If you’ve ever visited any of the cafe-bars by The Lounges, you’ll know all of their furniture is very mix and match, but it looks amazing. With brightly coloured chairs of different block colours and a variety of types of them too. With bar stools, armchairs and your standard kitchen table, they’ve got it all. The idea of turning something old into a brand new piece is exciting and I think it would look amazing.


 An oversized kitchen sink

I mentioned this in my 2020 decor trends post and now I’m obsessed with big stand out sinks. Usually, they consist of large bowls and glorious taps on the top with a big drainer to compliment the sink. Not only do these sinks look good, but they’re also super functional.


Bold coloured units

My love of bright coloured units started with Friends. In Monica’s kitchen, you’ll find bright blue cabinets and drawers. Even though Friends was filmed in the 90s there’s something so cool about the way the units stand out from the wall and make their own statement piece almost. The feel of the kitchen in Friends is very rustic and I feel like being able to create something similar would look amazing.



Going into a kitchen where they have dimmer spotlights is always a great experience. The lighting works for different moods and I think that’s cool. If you’re cooking, you’re likely to want it a lot brighter, however, whilst eating you may want them dimmer.


Not only do they look great, but they’re also fantastic for energy-saving and allow you to set the mood too.

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