What would I include in my dream bathroom?

I spend so much time every single time I walk into a shop that sells homeware planning where I’d put different pieces if money was no object and I could design my ultimate dream home.

Recently I’ve been drawn to bathroom pieces, with everything from new taps to a brand new shower unit, one of those Luxury Shower Cabins even with the smaller pieces, places such as Dunelm and The Range always draw me in, and that’s without looking online at IWOOT and Sass & Belle.

With this in mind, I decided to create my ultimate bathroom wishlist (if money was no object). I’ve done similar posts to this in the past, and they’ve always been trendy. I’d love to know in the comments what you’d buy if you had unlimited spends for your home.

Bathroom Haul money is no objective

Two sinks

Whenever I’ve visited the states, it’s always been super exciting when there are two sinks. Like side by side. The idea of being able to brush your teeth without having to battle with your other half for the sink sounds pretty ideal if you ask me.

A Steam shower cabin

These showers look unreal to start with. What looks like it could be your everyday shower transforms into your own mini steam room, with a place to relax after a busy day. Pick your favourite scent and drip it into the designated area, and be prepared to feel amazing.

LED Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Whenever I see pictures of a luxurious bathroom, I always spot an LED Bathroom mirror. The beauty of these mirrors is that they look great, but they also perform well when it comes to beauty tasks within the bathroom. The additional light can be a great help, especially during the winter months.

Mood lighting

Like in any other room, it can make or break a room when it comes to lighting. Whether you’re looking for new light fittings or something else, one thing is for certain, and mood lighting is the key to the ultimate bathroom. In the morning, a shower needs bright light to wake me up and kick start my day. However, a bath later on in the evening, a dimmer light may be better. There are so many options to choose from.

With that is the end of my wishlist of what my ultimate bathroom would contain if I had no budget when it came to my home decor picks. I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what you’d include in your dream bathroom in the comments.

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