I’ve had a huge stack of photos which I have had building up since early August and although I keep taking blog photos I haven’t gotten around to writing up posts for all of the products I’ve been buying over the last few months! These are two products that since I have bought them they have both been used a lot and I thought it was about time that I shared them with you! Some of you may have heard of Milani, others maybe not.
We can’t actually purchase Milani products in the UK, but they are great quality for the price that you pay for them. I picked up one of their lipsticks and eye shadows whilst I was in the States, I found their eyeshadow quite interesting as it looks fairly different from most other eye shadows. Their eyeshadows feel and look different to normal eye shadows in the fact that they’re not as powdery, but when you use a brush on them they apply exactly the same as any normal eyeshadow. I love the packaging as I feel it looks quite an upmarket fort the product and I love how light they are to carry around. If I ever venture to the states again or I can convince my dad to go to a little shop for me I’ll be asking him to get me a range of colours!
 The lipstick was a strange one at first when I applied it I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of it as it’s quite glossy and shiny, but once I used it a couple of times I felt it growing on me and it’s a nice pink colour for when you fancy something a little more simple as opposed to a bright in your face pink, it gives a lovely tint on your lips and smells good too. It’s definitely something I’d recommend to any of you in the US (and anywhere else which these products are available to purchase)

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