When it comes to decorating and home decor, you’ll find me at the forefront. New furniture gives me a buzz and the idea of giving a room a whole new look is exciting. During the colder months of the year when everything is gloomy offering a boost of colour and new homewares gives your house a new boost of life. I recently gave my bedroom a makeover and I can’t tell you how much of an impact the colours and style have had on my mood. Bright and bold is often my go-to with pretty much everything and my home is no different. With my kitchen being next on the list, here are some of the trends which I’ve noticed around and would love to incorporate into my kitchen.

Kitchen trends 2020

Quartz Worktops

When it comes to kitchens, I think the worktops and cupboards are where your style really shines through. Looking at the kitchen worktops from J Rotheram, I’ve fallen in love with their Gemini Quartz range, with so many different colours and styles you can’t help but fall in love. My favourites are Statuario (which is pictured) and Silver Starburst. Quartz worktops are durable, look fantastic and are a great option for providing your kitchen with a luxury feel.

Kitchen Islands

When it comes to your kitchen, the table is no longer required as the island has well and truly taken over. Used for many things, including eating with your family, washing up and also preparing. It’s speculated that counter high islands are new in and those which are taller and overpowering are out.

Kitchen Decor 2020

Stand out sinks

One of my favourite trends I’ve seen is the standout sink bowl, which is usually a deep kitchen sink with glorious taps on top. The sinks tend to look different to other appliances and the taps are always bold. Picking a type of sink that is out of the ordinary looks amazing. Like adding a stone-based sink within white surfaces finished with gold/brass taps.

Pops (or a lot of) Bold Colours

I’ve recently noticed the bright and bold colour trend taking over the kitchens of the UK. With a feature wall or to create even more of a statement, painting the cabinets in these amazing colours. The contrast between the bold colours and the other appliances within the kitchen is sure to catch your eye. The colours I am loving at the moment are Milltown Matt and Valbonne Matt from GoodHome in B&Q which I know will make a gorgeous statement colour for the kitchen.

Pop of colour for Kitchen Trends

Less or no handles

In the past, oversized and bulky handles for drawers and cabinets were in, however, moving into 2020, it’s all about the hidden handles. Whether you’re removing handles altogether and creating cut-outs or downsizing them. The more hidden away, the better. The Handle Studio has plenty of choice for minimalist handles.

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