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As you probably know, I love all things cute and can’t help but buy from online stores which stock kawaii goodies. Hence my huge haul at ThePerfectParadox Kio Cards houses some of the cutest greeting cards I’ve ever seen, alongside a variety of unicorn gifts and prints. An online shop which is filled to the brim with adorable unicorn gifts and kawaii cards, of course I was going to love it! Whether you’re looking for a personalised card or a pin for your collection Kio Cards is sure to have something you’ll love. So when they kindly offered to send me some pieces from their collections I was so excited.

Their whole aesthetic is totally up my street. Hosting a lot of colour, rainbows and cute animals scattered across the site. It was hard not to want everything. However, I shortlisted it down to my favourites. If you’re interested in finding out more about Kio Cards, stay tuned.

Happy birthday kio card

Birthday Cards

Whether you’re looking for a personalised birthday card or just something a little bit different, Kio Cards has you covered. Each of the cards are made on good quality card, have a fantastic design on the front and can be personalised. Whether you’re looking for a cute birthday card for your best friend or something for your dad, you’ll be able to locate something you adore. The best thing about these cards are that they’re unique and you’re not going to be able to find them anywhere else. The cards range in price and start from £2.50.

Kio cards review


If you know me, you’ll know I love to collect pins and actually recently started a new Instagram for my pin obsession, so when browsing through the Kio site, I knew I had to have their adorable Unicorn Rainbow pin. Although it is a little bit more expensive than your average pin (it’s £9.50) it is a lot bigger and is high quality for sure. The pin gives me all of the childhood vibes and looks somewhat like a My Little Pony which made me love it even more. The pin sits smack bang in the middle of my pin board and if you’re interested in grabbing your own Unicorn Rainbow pin be sure to head over to Kio Cards to get one.


Finally I picked an adorable print from Kio Cards, which is the cutest thing; the print says ‘Pawsitive Vibes’ and is a cat with a unicorn horn. With some pastel stars scattered around and then a rainbow too (you can probably see why I LOVE it) when the print arrived it was wrapped in a tube so was kept safe and didn’t crease which I appreciate as ordering prints online can be a bit hit and miss.

Kio cards review


If you’re on the look out for a gift for a unicorn fan (or yourself) I’d totally recommend heading over to Kio Cards. Where you can let your dreams become a reality and enjoy the amazingness that they have to offer.

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