Introducing Bimble

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To Bimble:

“Walk or travel at a leisurely pace.”

The Art Of Bimble

Forever being asked for suggestions on where to eat?

You’ve visited a new place and you can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

Recently you ate an amazing restaurant and want to remember it.

Visited a cool vintage shop and want to go back soon.

Use Bimble.

Introducing Bimble:

Being able to create lists of your favourite places and share them with friends, family or other users of the site. If you’re interested in learning more about the site you can join over at Think Pinterest meets Trip Advisor but instead of things you can pin places instead. Oh and only share places you like. The site which is to launch an app before the end of the year has some truly fantastic features. To make a list all you need to do is sign up, add 3 or more places to your list and then you can share it with whoever you like. Here are some examples of ways to use Bimble.

Family coming to town:

Your family are coming to town for the weekend, but they arrive a day early. They are pretty clueless about where you live and have told you they want to visit some shops. By going on Bimble you can create a list of where they’re looking to visit. include your favourites, where they’d like to go and maybe some pit stops for food and drink in between. With Bimble it even has a map to view where the place is, so no need to get lost.

Shopping trip:

Similar to a shopping list, creating a list on Bimble allows you to add the places you want to go when you visit a place. By doing this you can go through your list and visit everywhere you want to go. I know when I’m visiting somewhere new I want to go everywhere, but obviously this isn’t possible. So adding places you REALLY want to go is always a good shout. If you have friends in the area, you can send over your list to them and then they can let you know if you’re choices are good. Or they can even make you a

Introducing Bimble

Places worth eating:

If you are visiting a city or in your town and not sure where to eat? Each you eat at a place worth shouting about, get it added to your Bimble list. Then you can have a collection of places to dine for those days you’re feeling uninspired.

The best pubs and clubs:

Heading out on a night out as a group but not sure where the best place to go is? Try out different clubs/bars and then those which you enjoy as a group can be added to a collective list for next time you head out.

What do the locals think?

One of my favourite features about Bimble is being able to view lists that locals have made that outsiders may not know. This includes things like photoshoot locations, walking spots, that cute little cafe which is hidden away and the place to get the ultimate cocktail. On Bimble you can search by area and it will pull up all of the lists in that area and you can go through them dependent on what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve created on the app you can check out my profile here.

Overall, I think Bimble could be a fantastic resource to have. Whether you’re looking to play tour guide or looking for recommendations, it’s worth having for sure.

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