Showcasing new products via mockups is a great and innovative way to share your latest design with your customers. After creating some mock-ups myself for my new business, I thought it would be interesting to discuss why you should use mockups for your business and where to get free ones from.

When looking for feedback on a new product, getting feedback is a great step to take. By providing your potential clients with mock-up ideas, it allows for you to get honest feedback. As the mock-up will show off a design in a more real format. It gives the illusion that it is a photo you’re looking at as opposed to a graphic. So here are four reasons, you should be using mockups for your business and also some examples I’ve created using free mockups from Design Bundles.

Tan Tote mockup

For working out interest

Before putting an order in for a large amount of product, it’s always worth sharing mock-ups of your designs on social media. Following this, you can judge the reaction of potential customers, which gives you an idea of how many units to order. By ordering smaller amounts you’ll be better off financially and you can always order more if they’re more popular than you first thought.

wall art mockup

Helps the design progress

As a creator myself, I know the importance of being able to see something in front of me to boost my creativity levels. When it comes to reviews on my blog, despite using a product for months on end, having it in front of me, allows me to visualise the smaller details better and prompts me with different things for me to talk about. Using a mockup encourages the same type of motivation. If you’re trying to decide if certain parts of a design fit well on to an item, like a t-shirt or a mug, seeing how the finished result would look makes it so much easier to make a decision. Thanks to Design Bundles and their large amount of free mock up examples. Allowing you to feel inspired when you’re brainstorming.

tshirt mock up

To show options

If you offer a personalisation element to your business, being able to show your customers a variety of designs is always a plus. Whether you offer colour changes or name personalisation, using mock-ups to show the client what they’re going to get. This allows the customer to make a more informed decision, which is likely to result in higher customer satisfaction rate. Having images which showcase the product in a range of colours can help interest a wider audience too.

Watercolour mock up

Creating professional images

When taking photos of your products, unless you have photography experience, lighting and some sort of studio space, it can be hard to take the perfect shot. By using a mockup the difficult part is already done for you. The photo will be taken, a perfect setting, whether it’s laid out on the bed t-shirts or a picture on the wall. The shots taken for the mockups are usually bright and minimal. Which allows you to express your personality with your designs.

mug mock up

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