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When you’re looking to make changes to your home, it can often appear costly and out of reach. However, if set a budget and follow these tips, you can see how easy it really is to give your home a makeover for less. By making over your home, you’re not only creating a fresh look, but you’re also helping yourself and those around you feel better too.

Budget makeover on your home

Look around:

Like with most things, the key is always to look around before purchasing, and you can often get better deals online than you can in stores. When it comes to tiles although you get to see them in person etc, it’s worth purchasing online as it tends to work out cheaper, also you can order samples of them to get the look and the feel of whether you’d want them within your home. For me, I’d love to purchase some tiles for a feature wall in my bathroom or kitchen and I’ve seen the most amazing decorative stone tiles¬†which when looking in stores or on other online sites these work out considerably cheaper.

Shop online

By shopping online you’re likely to find better deals than you can within the store as they’re able to keep their costings down online giving you a better saving. Looking online is ideal for those who struggle with pushy sales and it allows you to browse online and even order samples. By looking at somewhere like Flooring Superstore, you can get carpet for every budget, so revamping your flooring doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s easier than you think.

Search for ex-display items:

In some shops such as Ikea, there is a section which is full of ex-display items, and they’re a huge discount off the original price. Some of the items are covered in stains or are a bit broken, but you can also find items with small marks on them, I purchased a bucket chair a few years ago with a small rip on it which is hardly noticeable and it was 75% off, which was a mega saving! I’ve also purchased a variety of blankets from there as they’re pretty much new.

Upcycle your items:

I didn’t realise how much of a great feeling it is to upcycle an old piece of furniture and turning it into a new one, you can use old pieces of furniture to build a new piece or just take an old item and make it like new. Great items to do this to are old chairs as you can reupholster them or tables as spray painting them or using sticky back plastic gives them a whole new look!

Go charity shopping:

If you’re looking for bigger items, it’s worth checking out your local charity shop. In my area, there are a number of larger second-hand shops which sell furniture such as cupboards, sofas and loads more. This is great if you plan to upcycle pieces. However, sometimes at charity shops don’t even need anything doing to them as they’re as good as new.

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