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Rings are such an understated piece of jewellery, not only are they effortless but they can look good with anything. Whether you’re a fan of stacking rings, costume rings or a standalone piece, you can have so much fun with rings. Since getting engaged in 2017, I’ve gotten used to wearing a ring every day and I’ve gradually been wearing more rings on other fingers too. So when Daisy London Jewellery asked me if I’d like to review a piece from their site, I was overjoyed to try a new jeweller.

Who are Daisy London Jewellery?

Daisy London is a British jewellery brand known for creating beautiful pieces which can be worn everyday. Since 2009 they’ve taken the UK jewellery market by storm and is for women by women. The jewellery created by Daisy London is sustainable, with each design being ethical and eco-conscious, you know you can count on them for some guilt free pieces. With all of their products arriving in a luxury box with a lovely gift bag to accompany. Perfect for any gifting occasion.

Daisy Jewellery x Estée Lalonde

When Daisy Jewellery asked me if I’d like to work with them, I looked over their site and noticed have a range with Estée Lalonde, I knew they were a company I’d love to feature. As a fan of YouTuber Estée, I knew that it had to be a piece from their collaboration. If you’re not familiar with Estée, you should check out her YouTube channel which is filled with fantastic content and she always raises awareness on important issues.

Daisy ring

The Unity Ring

After browsing through the gorgeous products on the Daisy London site, I decided to go with the beautiful unity ring. The reason I went for this piece, is due to the simplicity of the design, and I know it’s one of those pieces which work well on their own or are stacked with other rings. With every piece of jewellery on Daisy London being lovingly crafted with 925 sterling silver, you know you’ve got a piece for life. What I love the most about the unity ring is how well it looks with other rings but also on its own. It’s comfy to wear and with the help of the Daisy London ring size guide, it made it a lot easier for me to find my perfect size, even online.

If you’re looking for a gift when buying for a loved one or a new staple piece for your collection, head on over to Daisy London to find out more.

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