It’s no lie, I have become a little bit addicted to buying phone cases over the last few years. Until a few years ago I always had phones that didn’t have any cute phone cases or basically no cases at all, so since I have been an Apple convert, the cases are so much easier to get a hold of, I can’t help but buy them. Recently I was contacted by the people at Case App, asking if I would like to review some of their cases, and I was super happy to do so. I often get asked where my phone cases are from so this post may be helpful. Case App offers a variety of choices when it comes to their cases, you can pick premade ones or totally create one of your own, and allow me to give the site a full review of their cases I decided one of each would be best.

I am usually all about the *huge* rubber cases, due to being a clumsy person overall, so using one of these cases did come as a bit of a worry to me. Plus I usually have some really out there cases, my last one was a yellow walky-talky.   I browsed the site for a good few hours trying to decide which of their cases I liked the most, I had to shortlist it down to my top 3 and then ended up going for the Honey Bunny case which is a featured above, as I loved the design on it and I felt it is still out there like my other cases. The case itself is £19 and you can choose shiny or matte for the finish. I also noticed you could make your phone case ‘tough’ which was an extra £3, so I went for that too as it is totally worth it if it protects my phone. The case was quickly dispatched and I received it in a few days, I chose to go for the Standard Delivery and I was impressed with how quickly it did arrive for that. The fact the case is ‘tough’ helped me feel more secure about having it in the case as it felt like it was secure to the phone. I would totally buy some more of the cases from the Case App collections, I have my eye on their cuteness case next. 

After I chose my first case from the site, I went on to design my own, which costs £22 and then for any extras this costs a little more, e.g. the hard case. For someone who is quite an indecisive person, this was not an easy choice. With so many colours, fonts and graphics to chose from it took me a while to come up with the finished product. I decided to go down the route of a quote phone case with some kind of graphic on it. The colour was one of the easiest choices, as I went for this amazing mustard yellow and it looks exactly how it did on the computer screen, in real life. Finding a quote was one of the hardest parts of the design, however, I found one that I really liked and decided to go for it before I changed my mind. The quote is ‘the secret to having it all, is believing you already do’ the graphic I went for compliments the case well and I think they all go well together. Overall, I enjoyed shopping on the Case App website and would totally do it again. 

*As this post was in collaboration with Case App and they sent the cases free of charge for a blog post, they also kindly offered my readers a limited time code for 20% off which is ‘dungareesdonuts20′. I’d love to know if you’ve ever purchased a phone case from CaseApp and what you purchased from them. 

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