Animal Crossing x ColourPop Review

Yes, that’s Animal Crossing make-up, and I may be a little late to the party, I have to admit. But, I have a good reason!  

The Animal Crossing x Colourpop collection was released earlier this year, and in true Colourpop style, it sold out really quickly. The brand is known for its collaborations, including its most recent one with Lizzie Mcguire. On January 28th, I headed online to the ColourPop site (when I finally was able to get in) and quickly grabbed the two palettes that I could see still had stock. 

These palettes were ‘What A Hoot’ and ‘Nook Inc’. This left me wanting the second drop of the make-up before I made this blog post to feature all of the eyeshadow palettes. Fast forward a few months, and I’ve finally tried all of the palettes! So I’m excited to share with you my thoughts. As well as the palettes, I knew I had to get the Bellioniare glitter gel as the name made me laugh and who doesn’t love glitter? When buying the products, I noticed the range of different finishes, including matte, metallic and glitter- all of which are usually popular with fans of Colourpop. 

Sadly, both times I’ve purchased from the Animal Crossing x Colourpop collection, the mini lip tints have been out of stock *but they’re back in stock now, it seems. After my second delivery of the product arrived, I couldn’t wait to take pictures of the palettes and test them out. 

Animal crossing makeup quads

First impressions of the collection

After a highly anticipated wait for the collection to drop, I have to say the four quads were a little bit of a disappointment; although the packaging is lovely, I feel like so much more could have been done with this collection. $12 for an eyeshadow quad isn’t too badly priced, but I probably wouldn’t have purchased them all if it wasn’t Animal Crossing. All of the palettes feature highly pigmented shades and a variety of finishes as well as colours. 

animal crossing palette

What A Hoot

Inspired by Blathers and Celeste, what the hoot is my favourite out of the quads. With the names of the shades being inspired by things from the New Horizons game, including WHO! Which you are greeted with every time you visit your museum in the day. 

I love all of the shades in this palette, and they can make a lovely eyeshadow look, with my favourite shade being all aflutter. 

5* Island 

I adore this Isabelle inspired palette as it features all of her colours, and I enjoy the four shades together as they compliment each other well. Again, if you play, you’ll know that one of the main tasks in the game set by Isabelle is to create a five-star island. 

Nook Inc 

Nook Inc features four green/blue shades, which I wouldn’t purchase usually. But I thought I’d give it ago, although in the palette, the shades don’t look overly pigmented when on the skin, they’re lovely, and I found them super easy to blend. 

Out of the four quads, I have used this the least. However, I am determined to get more use out of it in the summer months.  

Labelle of the ball 

The last of the quads is the palette I wanted the most, the Labelle sisters. Who are by far my favourite characters in the game, especially super sweet Sable. My favourite shade in the palette is Serene Sable, and it’s a super bold purple, which has a matte finish and looks great paired with Bellionaire or any of the other 3 shades in the palette, creating a smokey eye. 

Bellionaire gel

Bellionaire Glitter 

Finally, my favourite product of the collection is this beautiful Glitter Gel which can be used anywhere. Colourpop recommends applying it to your face and hair. Whether you want it to complete an eye look or as part of a festival look (in which case, put it everywhere!) Without the addition of needing glue, this intense glitter gel is here to stay. 

If you want to find out more about the shock shadows or the blushes, why not take a look at Tales Of Belle for her review.

Final thoughts 

Although the palettes are pretty basic, I like the concept behind the shade names and the colours to match the characters. However, if you’re a fan of the game and not so much makeup, the packaging of the items are lovely and would make a great collectors item. 


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