Hobbies are seriously underrated.

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With the rainy days and cold nights coming quick and fast, the idea of going out to do things seems like a distant memory. When it comes to autumn and winter I tend to make it my time to take up some new hobbies. Last year I took up drawing and also started to collect pins. This year I’ve been planning to bring out my creative side again. So here are 4 new hobbies for you to try which aren’t Netflix (although, that is also an awesome hobby.)

4 hobbies to take up this autumn

Learn a new language-

Numerous times I’ve downloaded the Duolingo app to attempt to brush up on my French. However, once the notifications annoy me so much, I do end up deleting it. For a while the reminders are helpful and once I start learning, I enjoy doing it non stop for ages. Spending time studying a new language in bite-size pieces can be a great way to enjoy your time indoors (and even on the go). Setting yourself goals when learning a language is also a great idea as you have something to work towards.  Whether you choose to learn French, Spanish or something completely new, it’ll be worth it.

Start scrapbooking-

Scrapbooking is one of my favourite things to do and I think it always will. It not only gives me a chance to make countless trips to Hobbycraft to get 3D embellishments but it gives me time look through old memories which is great for when I’m feeling a little down. Since I’ve had a printer I’ve also found that svgs are a great way to add fonts, images and other cool stuff to your scrapbook. An SVG file is great for being able to make it what size you need it for and it allows you to scale an image up or down. There are some fantastic ones online and although some paid for, the bundles are worth it for sure.

4 hobbies to take up this winter

Upcycling your clothes

I’m a huge fan upcycling my clothes recently, whether that includes cutting them up into a whole new item or re-dyeing them, I am a huge fan. When it comes upcycling your old plain tees, getting a design printed on them can really give the shirt a whole new look. Using Design Bundles you’ll be spoilt for choice with where to start. If you’re interested in learning more about tie-dyeing your clothes, check out my blog post.


When October hits, I am constantly baking as I love to create Halloween inspired treats followed by the ultimate Christmas food. Baking makes me happy even if it’s only me who eats it… and it’s one of my favourite hobbies. Learning to bake is a great way to pass the time and gain some pals at work. Whether you’re a cookie crazy or looking to bake something more adventurous you’ve got the time to focus on it. Weekends and evenings were meant for baking.

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