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The idea of not being able to anywhere is making me want to go just anywhere and everywhere, which is usually not something I feel comfortable with. The last year or so has been a massive reminder that being able to travel is a luxury. Although I don’t think I’ll be hopping on a plane anytime soon, the UK has some beautiful destinations I’d love to visit. I’m usually one to visit places which I’ve been before, such as Liverpool and Manchester, but I want to explore somewhere new. Although, those places I’ve seen before are still on my list. With my courage of driving finally giving me access to all of those locations, I couldn’t get to previously. With that being said, I’d write a blog post on places I want to visit once lockdown is over!


As a child, I visited York with my Grandad. We went to museums together, and there was a time when he lost his keys for his cars wheel lock, so we spent hours looking around york and waiting for my uncle to arrive with the spare set of keys. Luckily my grandparents only live a short while away. I’ve always wanted to go back as an adult, hopefully with my grandad in tow (…maybe this time I’ll drive.) With that being said, York would make a great place to go for a weekend. Hotels.com has plenty of locations across the country when looking for somewhere to stay, including in York. With so many wonderful unique buildings and architecture visiting the city sounds like a dream.   


Where to visit
A gorgeous picture of Dreamland from Kirsty at Fashion For Lunch.


If you know me, you’ll know I love all things colourful, fun and bright. Since following Kirsty on Instagram a few years ago, her feed has made me want to visit Margate even more than I did before. With so many lovely quirks to the town. Including the pastel Dreamland! This is near the top of my list for where to visit after lockdown/when it is safe. Dreamland is impressive as it’s an amusement park in a 1905s arcade-style, with rides galore, you have got to experience this part of Margate.

Not only does it have one of the prettiest photo locations, but there is also a lovely beach (with sand!) and in the summer it looks like a lovely place to visit. Suppose you’re more of an explorer than a sit and relax on the beach person. In that case, Old Town has lovely Georgian styled buildings with vintage clothes and antiques, kitsch cafes, art galleries and more filling these quirky buildings, and there aren’t many chain stores amongst the beauty of this place.

Alongside all of its other great things to do, Margate has so many great museums, including the Hornby museum, Walpole Bay Hotel Museum, and Tudor house and of course, the margate museum!

Photo from Unsplash, taken by Miles Storey


The final place on my list is one that I’ve visited previously; however, I’d love to go again. The place where the beach is full of pebbles and features a burnt down pier which is a part of Brighton history and one of the beautiful quirks of it. Alongside the ‘new’ Brighton Pier which has food, stalls and of course, arcades. Brighton is famous for so many cool things including the British Airways i360 observation tower, the Royal Pavillion and the Lanes. If you’re looking for more reasons to visit Brighton once we are allowed to travel, I wrote a post all about Brighton’s best offerings


Where is on your list of places to visit when the lockdown is over? 

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