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Deciding to create your own DIY wedding stationery can be a fantastic way to save money on the big day, as well as giving you the freedom to add your own handmade touches. Getting started with your invites can feel overwhelming, but if you’re willing to take the leap, this post will be a great help along the way.

DIY wedding invites

Inspiration and Artwork

If you’re a huge Pinterest fan like me, you’ll have boards and boards of ideas for your dream wedding (I’ve had them since before I was engaged) filled with ideas ready to go at any moment. However, if you’re new to Pinterest, now is the time to get stuck in. With so many styles, colours, textures, and styles, you have lots to consider before choosing a style. Taking inspiration from lots of different invites and creating your perfect invitation is the ideal place to start.

If you are looking for many DIY wedding invites, using methods such as print and cut can be ideal. By searching online, you can find templates or create your ideas in apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva. Following this, print them via your printer on to card (I’d recommend using 250gsm as a minimum to ensure they’re not flimsy. Next, cut the invites by hand or via a cutting machine such as Cricut. Not only do these look high quality, but they are easy to create in bulk.

For a smaller wedding party, creating the invites from scratch can be rewarding. Some great ideas include personalised stamps, ribbon, and even handwritten calligraphy.

DIY wedding invites


Once you’ve decided how you’d like your invites to look, it’s now time to buy the supplies to create your invites with. Although there are craft shops, you can visit, buying your wedding supplies online can often save you a considerable chunk of money. I love Wow Vow, which offers an extensive range of embellishments, cards, and even kits for you to assemble your invites at home. Using a site specialising in wedding stationery gives you a more comprehensive range of materials and finishes, including items that involve laser cutting, such as envelopes and cards, which may not be achieved at home.

Whether your wedding will be an intimate affair or a big get-together, you can find items in small quantities, which is ideal for brides/grooms on a budget. With a no minimum ordering system, you don’t have to buy in bulk to get the best deals on what you need to create your invites.

Top Tip:

Buy extra of each item, as mistakes happen to the best of us.


When your supplies have arrived, the fun begins. After all, one of the main parts of DIY invites is having fun getting creative. Whether you’re tackling the mission on your own or having the help of your friends and family, it should be an enjoyable experience. Finally, don’t forget to make/buy some envelopes for your invites.

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