With so many bloggers out there, is it even possible to grow your blog anymore? Of course, it is, find out how to boost traffic to your site and create long term readers with my 5 easy ways to increase your blog page views.

Guest blog

Back in the early days of blogging, I remember everyone used to write for each other and host guest posts. Although most of us didn’t realise it yet- this is actually amazing for SEO. Whenever somebody went on holiday or was likely to be away for a while, they’d ask for guest posts and they would receive plenty. This includes me. Now with guest blogging, it’s a lot harder to be able to guest blog on another’s blog. However, making friends with bloggers along the way has allowed me to be able to guest post. A little while back I wrote a post for Life In A Breakdown and I have received several views since.

Make sure your website works

When it comes to website speed, this has a huge impact on traffic. When you click through to a site and their site takes so long to load, you’re more than likely going to click off it. If you’re super interested in the content you may go back later, however, most of us will click off a slow site and not return.

A similar issue occurs when you have a poorly laid out blog. Not knowing where to look and what to read when clicking through to a blog is overwhelming. Spending the time and money investing in your web design you’re likely to bring traffic to your site and bring down your bounce rate. One of the most on-brand and luxurious looking sites I’ve seen is one created by Silky Ocean Studios and is called Ronny Colbie. Creating a site which has a good feel to it and looks easy to use is much likely going to bring back returning visitors.

How to increase blog traffic

Social media shares

Taking the time to share your blog posts on social media is a must when you’re looking to increase traffic to your site. Not many of us take the time to constantly check on a website we enjoy. However, if an interesting piece is shared to social media we are more than likely going to click through. Allowing people to see the content you put out there and engage with it naturally is more likely going to create return visitors.

Write good posts of a good length

If you’re looking to optimise your site for SEO purposes, there are plenty of ways to do this. However, start with the small steps. Make sure your posts are a decent length, roughly 350 words or more and are based on things people want to know. Adding Metadata and Alt text also helps you rank well within Google. By ranking higher in Google, you’re more likely to get clicked if you’re near the top.

Provide quotes

If you’re a regular Twitter user, you may have seen the abundance of journalists looking for quotes for their news stories and articles on behalf of their clients. By providing a quote, most publications will include a link back to your site. Not only does this help to build your DA but it also allows you to be featured in some pretty cool content.

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