Introducing The Confetti Cove

It’s been a long time in the making, but a couple of months ago, I finally bit the bullet and made my own Etsy store. The Confetti Cove is my store where I sell handmade cards, frames, cups, stickers, and so much more. With a passion for crafting and the purchase of my Cricut, my hobby turned more into me wanting to create a business from it. I found myself deciding on a name early on, so I decided to reserve the shop on Etsy. Once my products were ready to go, I listed them, and soon enough, I had my first purchase. Since then, it’s been growing steadily, and I love my creations being out in the world.

What have I learnt so far?

  • Don’t limit yourself to one platform- selling online and offline is a great way to build sales, share on your social media pages for further reach.
  • Value your work- I realised when I first launched my store, I was selling things way too cheap. Now I realise the value of my work; each sale feels that much more amazing.
  • Check out current trends and work on creating products fitting the trend
  • Consider holidays, make products available at short notice to improve sales.
  • Add something extra- I love adding freebies to my packages

The Confetti Cove Etsy

Packaging ideas

When looking at how to send my packaging, I found myself a little stuck as in the past, all I’ve sold are playing cards that go on do not bend envelopes. However, mugs, frames and bottles require a lot more care. Lil Packaging offers some fantastic solutions to any packaging woes. With specially designed custom postal packaging, eco-friendly choices and plenty of protection. Making an order with them seemed like a no brainer. I am currently creating an order, so hopefully, soon, all of my packages will be eco-friendly.


What’s next for The Confetti Cove?

MORE STICKERS. I’ve only created a few stickers so far, and I absolutely love the process of creating them from start to finish. So there will be plenty more of those in the store soon.


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