Alternative shopping within the UK

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Shopping in the UK

As someone who is an avid shopper and can’t beat visiting a place where there are shops galore. Especially when there is alternative shopping around, bring me the fishnets, studs and Dr Martens any day.  Living in the Midlands can often be a blessing as you are quite close to a lot of cities and also where I live there is a great transport network being able to hop on the train to London, Manchester, Liverpool within an hour or so and Birmingham and Wolverhampton in even less time than that. When I visit new places, I’ve already made a plan of where I want to visit and I thought it’d be fun to share with you where my favourite shopping locations within the UK are. Each of them has their reasons why they’re great, I hope you enjoy this post and do let me know in the comments where your favourite shopping destination is. 


Manchester has plenty of amazing places to shop, whether you’re looking to visit the Arndale Centre or around the city, you’re bound to find something you love. My favourite shop in Manchester is their Paperchase as it’s huuuuge, which means tons of stock that you can’t get in other places. As well as Primark which was until recently (when Birmingham took over) the largest Primark in the UK. But it’s still a pretty big store (just a casual 5 floors) if you’re around the area it’s worth looking. 

If you’re looking for something a little bit more alternative in Manchester, check out the side streets, there are tons of independent shops, vintage stores and one of my favourite places to visit is Afflecks which is the ultimate indie hotspot and is floors of cool stalls. 

Alternative shopping within the UK


This place in North-West London will always have a special place in my heart as I’ve visited there since I was younger and it’s always mesmerised me. Camden Market is full to the brim with alternative fashion, including the ultimate studded belts and band tees. The stores on the high street are covered in 3D murals, including a pair of 3D Vans attached to the wall; and it’s where I had my first nose piercing done. I remember visiting my first Cyber Dog after reading about it in a book and when I went in it was completely different from what I thought it would be like (those who know Cyber Dog know what I mean!) The food scene within Camden Market is amazing too, with stalls upon stalls of some of the best street food you’ve ever tasted, you’d be mad to miss out.   

The good thing with Camden is it’s pretty easy to get to, from within central London and also from outskirts of London if you’re in East Croydon, for example, you can reach Camden within 50 minutes. If you live near or are able to get to London easily, I’d recommend it.   

The best places in the UK to shop Alternative


Until recently I hadn’t visited Shrewsbury, but since I did back in July I can’t wait to go back and visit. Shrewsbury is full of independent stores, charity shops and has a lovely market which are all worth visiting. The charity shops are ideal for grabbing bargains. Although you have to hunt for the best stores, with so many to choose from and a variety of styles within each store; you’ll be on the top of your game whilst visiting these. I found plenty of alternative shops, which is always fantastic. There is a ton of streets filled with high street stores and even a Hotel Chocolat (my fave).

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat after your shopping; Shrewsbury is full of independent eateries including plenty of Vegans and Veggies. 

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  1. theremightbecoffee says:

    Although I love all the Asian and geeky shops we have in Birmingham, I did really like how all the geeky shops in Manchester are stone throws away from one another! In Birmingham it’s a trek from one half of the town centre to the other!!! I also love Bristol for their arty stores, as well as skater style stores and I can same the same for the latter when it comes down to Milton Keynes too. 🙂

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