Student money saving tips with TSB

University, some of the best and probably the worst times of your life (money wise anyway) I don’t know many students who aren’t broke for the majority of the time, it’s just the way that it is I guess. Although being a student can have it’s upsides, like discounts and fun events to attend I […]

5 apps every university student needs!

Being a student I decided today I would share with you my top 5 apps that every student on this planet needs, without them I think my life would fall apart… okay a little dramatic BUT you know what I mean, these apps make student life a whole lot easier especially those of you who […]

The Price Of A Prom!

This year it has officially been FOUR years since I left school, which means four years since my prom, which I cannot believe. Throughout my school life I watched programmes on MTV which had Americans throwing huge parties and also programmes about them attending their proms showing the huge gowns that they wore and also […]