Us Brits will do (almost) anything to keep the heating bill down throughout the colder months. I remember being told as a child to put every item of clothing on in your wardrobe before turning to put the heating on. There was always a way around turning on the heating. As someone who now lives in their own house, I can completely understand where my mum was coming from, as the heating bill during winter can be a huge shock. Whether you pay monthly or quarterly, it can be a hard pill to swallow. Therefore I am bringing you my top tips for saving money on your heating bill this winter. P.s. Enjoying some of my easy tomato and paprika soup is also a fantastic way to warm up.

Save money on your heating

Loft Installation

If you’re unsure if you even have loft installation, it’s worth checking. Just by having the installation can reduce your bills by around £215 per year according to Which. If you don’t have installation already installed, it’s worth looking into. As heat rises and up to a quarter of your homes heat escapes via the roof of your home. You want to trap that heat into your home instead of letting it out. Which is why loft installation is a game-changer. Under certain circumstances, the loft installation can actually be fitted free of charge to you, if your energy supplier provides it or if you’re eligible for a government grant.

Get a new boiler

Although boilers can be an expensive purchase, they’re completely worth replacing if you’ve got an older model. Not only for safety reasons but the newer boilers are better for saving energy. As the boiler in your home gets older it can impact the efficiency of the heat provided. If you notice your heating bills increasing a lot quicker than usual this may be due to an inefficient boiler. All energy using products have an ErP label which advises you how efficient to run they are. You can also get this on bulbs, the lower down the alphabet, the high the cost to run. If you’re looking to get a new boiler fitted before winter takes over, why not check out Boiler installation Leeds to discuss all of your heating needs.

Understand your thermostat

There are many myths about using a thermostat and it is regularly a hot topic (couldn’t resist) when it comes to leave your heating on low all of the time or turn it on when it is required. The Energy Saving Trust advises that having your heating on low all-day to be more efficient and save money is incorrect. Having your thermostat on a timer is much better for money as it only turns on to thoroughly heat your house and then turns off again.

When it comes to understanding your thermostat, working out the temperature required to heat your home is crucial for saving pennies. Having it turned down even 1°c can save you big money in the long run.   

Winter evenings   

Submit meter readings

When you’re paying for your gas and electric and don’t have a smart meter in your home, it’s worth submitting readings to your supplier. This is due to the majority of information that energy companies go off, are estimates. When you provide readings, it allows the energy company to make accurate judgement and you’ll only be billed what has been used.


I hope this post has been helpful and I’d love to know if you have any amazing energy-saving tips in the comments! 


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