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Recently I was offered the chance to review a new luxury dessert offering from Pati & Coco and I was super excited when I saw what was on offer. This multi-layered chocolate indulgence was more than what I had originally anticipated. With layers of Ganache, dark chocolate and more, you’ll be wanting more when it comes to these gorgeous puds. Here are my first thoughts on the puds and how my overall experience stacks up.

Desserts by Coco & Pati

The packaging

Each dessert comes beautifully packaged in a colourfully designed card sleeve and 2 dessert pots that are made from strong glass. These are the types of desserts are presented in luxury packaging and fantastic geometric designs. The packaging is bold and bright, and each colour of the packaging perfectly represents the flavour of the pud. 

The flavours

The four flavours of Pati and Coco desserts are Caramel and Choc, Pistachio and Choc, Ganache and Choc, and lastly Praline and Choc which I think this is an amazing selection of flavours as there is nothing worse than being limited on choice when it comes to dessert options. 

Chocolate desserts

My thoughts

These desserts are compiled of layers which all include dark chocolate followed different delicious fillings. The top layers of these desserts feature a type of nut. There is quite a lot going on in these little pots which is both exciting and a taste sensation. I would say that the layers are very similar to a trifle, however, the chocolate layers add a whole new level of depth. This dessert is well put together so you won’t find that these desserts are messy at all. 

My favourite dessert was definitely the Caramel and Choc since I am a huuuuuge fan of caramel! The dessert features a delicious blend of the caramel and dark chocolate and a lovely layer of ganache, at the bottom I noticed there’s a crunchy biscuity layer which was a wonderful surprise, it was a lot like a cheesecake base.

I think this was a fantastic little addition to the dessert, it makes a change from the upper layers of dark chocolate and ganache. My least favourite from the range was the Praline and Choc, simply because I found the flavours to be very rich and it just wasn’t for me. But if you’re a fan of praline, you’ll be in love with what this dessert has to offer. 

Pati and Coco pots

Would I recommend these desserts?

I would definitely recommend trying these desserts, they come in at £3.50 for a duo, so are a little bit pricy, however, they come in glass jars so are perfect to be reused, so the cost is justified in that sense. If you’re looking to get these glorious puds for Valentines Day, they’re on offer at Sainsbury’s from the 12th of February to the 3rd of March! With four flavours on the market, Pati and Coco are thinking of everyone. Pati and Coco are worth a try if you want a treat as these are luxury style dessert. 

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