Who are The Protein Ball Co?

The Protein Ball Co is making healthier snacking easy. They make various flavoured protein ball snacks that are individually hand-rolled that are made from all-natural ingredients. If you’re vegan, this is the type of snack that’s up to your alley. Most of us sometimes miss out on key nutrients and that’s really easy to do, so The Protein Ball Co has made it easier for you to get your nutrients and protein with a fun snack.

Protein Ball Snacks

These are unusual little snacks, they’re quite a dry but filling snack and would make an excellent replacement for things like chocolate bars or crisps because there’s a lot to these protein snack balls. They’re certainly quite a chunky-sized snack like I said earlier on in the post these are very filling snacks. If I had a choice I would definitely choose these over other snacks such as crisps, they are a healthier alternative. 

What flavours do they come in?


They come in a wide variety of flavours which is really exciting. You definitely have a great selection and choice of flavours. The peanut butter flavour really stood out to me, personally I love peanut butter. 

Protein Ball Co Snacks

On their website, the peanut butter flavour is listed as one of their best sellers! Each piece is soft to bite into and they’re just great to eat, not only because they are made from all-natural ingredients but there are great flavours! Other flavours that stood out to me were the coconut and macadamia, cherry well, and raspberry brownie. These little protein snack balls are all each gluten-free, GMO-free, wheat-free, no added sugars, high in fibre, and vegetarian or vegan.

The packaging

The packaging of these products is also very nice; sturdy material and they don’t feel like they’d accidentally burst or rip open in your bag. Like when you have a bag of crisps that accidentally bursts because it’s full of gas, you won’t have a problem with these. Each pack has a little protein ball mascot with two big gazing eyes, it’s actually quite cute. These would make great snacks for families or a good replacement for junk food for children in packed lunches as the mascot does make the packaging friendly for all ages. 

Protein Balls

The cost


If you are interested in buying these, they are actually very good value for money as each pack is filling so you definitely get your money worth with these snack balls. You can purchase 10 lots of any flavour for £17.99. If you want to try a mixed lot, these are also available for you to try and I would recommend you get one of these. You can purchase them from a lot of good retailers including Tesco, Planet Organic, Ocado, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett and many more. 

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