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Christmas brings out my happy side, despite not being a huge fan of winter, for a million and one different reasons. I am a huuuuge fan of decorating my house and going all out when doing so. When it comes to decorations I love to cover the inside and the outside of my house with lights. As there is nothing more festive than walking down a street on a frosty winter evening, with a display of bright lights and decorations presented in front of you. When it comes to creating an awesome display for the festive months, there are many DIY ideas you can do. Like making wreaths, festive bird feeders and lighting displays. All you need to do begin on creating your perfect winter wonderland is decide on what you’re looking to achieve, start using Pinterest and also invest in some good quality lights that will last. If you’re looking for a place to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 awesome ideas to get your garden ready for Christmas in a flash.

String lights for Christmas

String lights

Adding lighting to your garden instantly will give it that extra special Christmas feeling. When it comes to choosing your lights, using a company such as Lights 4 You allows you to know what you’re purchasing is high quality and long-lasting. With everything from decorating your windows, to covering your trees in beautiful string lights. Lights are an easy way to create a statement without spending a huge amount of money.

When looking at lights to purchase, I’d recommend figuring out how many lights you’ll need to cover your garden and a plan of where to put these. If you’re like me, often you purchase on a whim and end up with either too much or too little.

Making a festive bird feeder

Making a few festive bird feeders to hang up around your garden is a great way to get creative and treat the birds too. When it comes to creating bird treats or giving your feeder a festive makeover, there are a variety of options online. I recommend the ideas on Welsh Wildlife to get started.

Christmas Garden Decorations

Building a ‘snowman’

As most of us know, snow doesn’t stay around for long and snowmen have a short-lived life, however, the internet has a variety of solutions to this problem, including making a snowman out of a variety of different sized pots, painting them white in paint which is likely to be able to survive the winter and adding some buttons or black paint splodges along the front.

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