Going away travelling can be a stressful experience for anyone, for me, I find it difficult due to the masses of anxiety that build up beforehand and I ended up forgetting just about everything I am supposed to take with me. Packing for a holiday is something I dread as I am more of a throw these items of clothing on the morning kinda girl, rather than planning each outfit, so I usually end up taking half of my wardrobe, shoes I haven’t worn in years and just about every medication I’ve ever taken ‘just in case’. In the past, I have forgotten items from my phone charger to my kind of, important inhaler, oops.

I was recently introduced to an app called Medsmart which is your virtual medicine cabinet, where you can store a list of all of your medications, set reminders of when you need to take them and it’s great for in an emergency to allow a full list of your medications and conditions to be listed. The app is also completely free with no hidden charges within, this app works well for me as it allows me to make sure I have all of my meds packed and I also live with the fear of something bad happening and the people around me not knowing what possibly could be wrong. The Medsmart app has over 20,000 medicines listed, some letting you know how to take a certain medication and most of them listing the ingredients in. It also includes a share button to allow you to be able to send a list of your medication to somebody else, this is great if you were in a foreign hospital and they do not have your medical records. You can download Medsmart here for Apple devices and here for Andriod

In my hand luggage, I always need headphones as they’re key to surviving any long journey, some earplugs are always good for a long haul flight as nobody wants to hear the snoring of Barry from two rows behind. I also would need to include my inhaler, a hair bobble, my phone, a possible colouring book and some snacks, can’t beat a few packs of sweets on the way really. Oh, and a really good book or two. I tend to store the majority of my medication in my hand luggage as they are easily able to be accessed. 

For my suitcase the fun really beginnings, like I said above I am awful at picking what to wear in advance so I pretty much chuck in anything that I’ve worn within the 3 years which is remotely sun-related in case I may need it. Enough makeup to last me around 6 months, my toiletries which are in another bag similarly sized to makeup bag, I mean you never know when you’re going to need more than one deodorant and how many hair bobbles you may lose (those things are forever getting away) and are you really going on holiday if you don’t take double the amount of pants and socks for the days you are actually going for? Shoes are usually the thing that I spend the least time thinking about, I pretty much live in Converse so I add my trusty pair of pink converse and a pair of sandals in my case and I am good to go.

The final few things I always add to my luggage are a map of the place we are going to (Google Maps is so unreliable), a phrase book for those go to phrases I may need such as ‘where can I get a pizza from?‘ and enough of the currency to have a royally good time. Oh, and I may possibly need my tickets and passport, could be helpful! I would love to know what your travel essentials are in the comments below and also if you use this app what are your thoughts on it?

*This post is in collaboration with Medsmart but all words are my own and if you haven’t yet downloaded their app, I’d recommend it as its a lifesaver! 

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