Something new to the blog, hair care! It isn’t something I’ve really featured on my blog before due to not using that many hair products, but I have decided I need my hair to be in better condition and there’s way to make it better without damaging it! The amount of times I’ve gone through straightening and colouring my hair I don’t know how it’s still in a pretty good condition. It’s always important to look after your hair, and there’s SO many products out there to help you do this, I thought I would share them with you today. 
  First I thought I’d share with you my two picks from Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco and The Fizz off spray. I’ll start with the Argan Oil* there are hundreds of different versions of this product on the market so why did I pick this one? I went with this one because Lee Stafford is a brand I’ve always been aware existed and they have some amazing products, the way to apply this is by applying to wet/damp hair, rubbing it in from the mid of your hair to the ends, dependant on the thickness you may need more or less and then you can dry it off leaving with lightweight beautiful smelling hair, with that perfect shine. Just remember not to add too much or it can leave your hair looking greasy, which is something nobody wants you can always add more but once it’s in that’s it!
Argan Oil Lee Stafford
Secondly is Frizz Off* which you haven’t already guessed is for helping you with your frizzy hair needs.. something I need for sure and it’s super easy to apply, just spray on wet hair and comb through, and then dry! Giving you a silky de-frizzy look, which is what I am aiming for, it again leaves your hair smooth and smelling luscious! Another pro of this product is it protects against heat, for all of those massive straightener users *raises hand* it’s an amazing product because it does more than one job, and it’s all in one product, well worth a purchase in my opinion! 
Lee Stafford Frizz Off
Next is my love the Revlonnissimo* 45 days total colour care for red heads (which I spend about 70% of my time being some kind of red..) This product is a two in one shampoo and conditioner which isn’t something I would usually go for as I usually only condition a few times a week else I find my hair gets greasy! But I actually am getting on well with this product and has found that it has made my hair stay brighter than usual! I think it’s time to go a few shades brighter though, in time for summer! Apply to wet hair whilst in the shower, leave for two minutes then wash out, repeat as feel necessary. The glorious thing about this  product is it leaves your hair brighter until your next colour! 
Revlon 45 day colour
Fourth is one of my fave hair products out there the Umberto Giannini Tousled Sea Spray my fourteen year old self would LOVE this product, due to being able to great a messy look which still looks fab without feeling the need to back comb my hair like crazy… poor hair. I love the after smell of this product as it reminds me of the beach, I have seen many more high end versions of this product and although this isn’t the cheapest of products it does the job perfectly! It’s great for times at the beach and festivals (a bit early… but no harm in planning ahead) The best way to use this product is to spray lightly through damp hair and then do with at as you please to create your own look! 
Umberto Giannini Sea Salt Spray
Finally is the Straight N’ Go* now there are things I love about this product but also things I am not 
too keen on, I love how compact the product is, it’s a lighter alternative to straightening by using a two side brush which you put your hair in and brush down whilst drying still giving it the heat to straighten! It’s great for travelling with instead of your hair straighteners but I did find it pretty difficult to do the back with, but it did the front parts perfectly fine! Although I am not ready to completely give up my straighteners yet, I will be using this product as an alternative and it’s a LOT less damaging to your hair! 
Straight N Go

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