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I am pretty sure I have a problem with hoarding glasses, at one point I had 18 pairs and then I was gutted when I got a new prescription. I like buying glasses but if you go into the shops a lot of the time, they are really expensive, they’re designer and do have better lenses (most of the ones online seem to be plastic and get dirtier, waaaay easier) however that does depend on how much money you spend on them, I have a current variety of four pairs. One pair of sunglasses which cost me £20, a pair of glasses which I use when I want a really light pair on, like for lying in bed etc which were £12, then a couple of designer pairs, the ones which are featured in this post which I will talk about a lot more in detail in a second and also a pair of police ones which were fab before Will sat on them and they only cost £55! However I have noticed with some of these glasses they are little more agile and like I mentioned the plastic lenses can be a down point.

Scout Glasses

So I was recently offered to review a pair of glasses of my choice from Glasses Direct, I chose the pair of Scout Millie Glasses which are my first pair which have a metallic frame since I was about 12 years old. I used to find them slightly annoying as they are heavier and sometimes have those annoying bits that sit on your nose and usually poke your nose and make it rub. Even though it’s supposed to stop this? Maybe that’s just me, anyway enough of that. These glasses do not have that issue as there is no nose pieces and they actually do not feel heavy at all on my face. Glasses Direct give you 360 view of your glasses so you’re able to see what they look like from each angle. They are available in a range of colours and you can also add a variety of lenses in to pick which suit your needs including sunglasses. One of my favourite things about Glasses Direct is they offer a free home trial which means you can try up to four pairs of glasses on at home, see which you like best and then buy them instead of buying ones you are unhappy with. My only problem with the free trial is I end up liking more than one pair and end up buying them all because I simply cannot decide which look the best. Oops. The Millie glasses are £69 if you want the glasses clear or as sunglasses and there is an extra charge for digital protection, bifocal and varifocal. Which is pretty good in my opinion. Glasses Direct have a lot of offers on such as currently 2 for 1 and two pairs of glasses from £19.

I would totally recommend trying out Glasses Direct for their free trial and to purchase some glasses from as they have plenty of choice at all budgets. I will definately be going back to get another pair from them at some point soon.

Would you buy glasses online? 

*I was gifted these glasses in exchange for an honest review. 

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