Home upgrades on a budget

Making even the smallest of changes to your home can have a significant impact. Whether that is new furniture, creating a feature wall or changing the flooring. When making home improvements, it can be costly, and if you’re looking to save money, it’s worth looking into ways to do things more cost-effectively. I have summed up some of my favourite ways to save money on home upgrades in this post.

Buy preloved furniture

There are so many wonderful pieces of pre-owned furniture out there, so why buy brand new? The chances are if you’re buying from a charity shop or an online marketplace, you’re likely to get better quality items for the same price or less than new ones. Whether you’re seeking out a new table, a bigger sofa or a set of drawers, there are some great places to go.

Facebook marketplace

My mum is obsessed with the Facebook marketplace, and she is constantly buying bits and pieces from there. To be fair, she’s had quite many high-quality pieces for a fraction of the cost. With everything from bedside tables to a new bed, there are so some seriously good steals to be had. Providing you with some significant home upgrades.

British Heart Foundation

In my town, the BHF always have unique items in store. The British Heart Foundation usually has a range of sofas, beds, and tv stands to choose from. Some of the pieces aren’t old or dated. But if you spot something you like but you’re not sure about the colour, take it on as an upcycling project. Changing the handles, giving it a few coats of paint, then gloss, you’ll have a whole new piece.


For most things, one of my go-to sites, if you’re looking for something local, similarly to the Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and Preloved are ideal. With people just wanting to get rid of their items, sometimes you can even get things for free in exchange for collecting it.

Carpet Remnants

If you’re looking for a decent carpet, you can usually expect to pay good money for it. However, if you are only renovating a room or two, consider going for a remnant. These are carpet pieces left on the end of the roll that aren’t big enough to do a whole house, so the retailer discounts them heavily (up to 85% off in some cases) in order to clear space. Websites like Designer Carpet have 1000s of them in stock and all you need to do is search the size you need for your home upgrades, along with colour and type, and you will be shown pages of brand new, discounted carpets suitable for your space. Find a local fitter to install it and you will save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds doing it this way.

Check clearance sections at DIY stores.

Although it may take time to find something you like, at DIY stores such as B&Q, you can often find rolls of wallpaper for £5 or less. Depending on your style, you can often find a few rolls of each type marked down. The best thing about wallpaper is that it lasts, so even if you’re not ready right away, you can come back to it at a later date.

Stick on tiles

If you’re looking at upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, buying stick on tiles is a great way to create an impact for a fraction of the cost. Places such as B&M and Home Bargains offer some cool designs, and you can ’tile’ your kitchen for less than £30.

Make your decor

The final tip I have is to make your decor. Using old items such as jars, tins and mugs to create adorable accent pieces. Such as candles, plant pots and stationery storage, there are so many ideas to discover. You will fill your home with your creations in no time.

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