Yet another week is over which means another gift guide coming your way, I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is approaching *sqeek* I have got a fair few presents sorted and I am just sorting out the final few now. As you may already know I am doing many different gift guides on my blog and previously have done beauty lovers and gifts for people who have everything. So today I am bringing you a gift guide for males, and hopefully help with some of the male present buying in your life, of course it won’t be for everyone but I hope this helps.

A Chilli Hanging Basket:
The Chilli hanging basket is the perfect gift for any man who is in love with spice, this would be the perfect gift for all of the males in my life as they are all a fan of Chilli, it’s a unique present and I can guarantee you will be the only one with that present on the day!

Monopoly with a twist, the whole board is about Chocolate! Sharing facts and pieces of chocolate is the aim of this game and it’s a great addition to any monopoly lovers collection (I should know) it’s brightly coloured and can be played over and over.

A 20 Multi Tool:
This literally screams my boyfriend to me, after he got a wallet ninja last year and hasn’t let it leave his side the whole time I thought a more advanced version would do the trick, featuring a variety of features such as a bottle opener, a screwdriver and many more.

Beats Headphones:
A good pair of headphones is an awesome present for any male in your life, my boyfriend is a huge music fan so these would be perfect for him. My dad does a lot of travelling so the same goes for him the only problem with these are finding out what preference of headphones they have.

Fossil Watch:
Watches are always a good present to buy as they are long lasting, and are something which is great for everyday use, dependant on the person, makes the brand of choice vary but I love this watch from Fossil as it’s a luxury product and it looks amazing.

Globe Light:
A bit of an odd present, but it’s a different one and I think it’s cool for a little bit of an easy present. This is for those more ‘nerdy’ males in your life, it’s unique and fun.

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