Slimming world is one of those diets which everyone talks about, mainly for their success stories and how the plan has changed lives. Seeing the inspiring stories I took to the internet and looked into what Slimming World really entails. I was surprised to find out that on this diet you could make chips and even eat pizza. As a lover of fast food, the idea of being able to eat chips still was mindblowing, so I was curious how to make these chips and how many I was actually allowed to eat. As a huge plate of chips, especially on a diet is a no go, but it turns out with Slimming World you can eat as many as you want. 

The chips are super easy to make too, although they take a little longer than your standard chips, making these chips are well worth the time in which goes into them. With these chips, you can use regular potatoes or even sweet dependant on what you enjoy the most. If you’re just making them for one, I use 2 decent sized potatoes. Alongside a bottle of fry light, there are so many choices these days, including garlic and chilli oil or of course they have their original choices too. Using fry light is key in this recipe as it is what makes it Slimming World friendly. So what are the steps to making these mouthwatering chips I hear you say, well you’re about to find out.  

To start you need to peel your potatoes, or if you fancy skin on chips, just wash them off. Put your oven on to preheat, I cook mine at 180 on a fan oven. Then cut them into the shape you require, thick chips are my favourite, however, in the past, I’ve also made fries with my potato chopper which I purchased from Amazon. But you can do this by hand also. Then once you’ve done chopping them, you should pop them into a pan of boiling water for 3-5 minutes just until they’ve softened a bit.  

Drain the chips and then pop them back into the pan as this is where I tend to add seasoning, give chips a spray or two of fry light so the seasoning will stick, whether you just fancy salted chips or you want to be more adventurous and use paprika or chilli, then put the lid on the pan and give it a good shake, before placing them on to a tray with parchment paper on (makes them so much easier to get off and no additional oil is needed) then give them a light spray of fry light so they don’t burn and put in the oven for 25 minutes, I’d recommend taking them out every 5-10 minutes to move them around and add more fry light if needed.

Once the chips have browned, you know they’re ready to go. Grab some vinegar and serve up. The reason I love these chips so much and I’d eat them regardless as they just taste amazing, they’re not as greasy as chips cooked in oil and they’re simple to whip up.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever made your own chips and how did they turn out?    
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