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Introducing Doughnut Time

Throwback to last week when I was scrolling through Twitter (as I appear to spend a lot of my time doing these days) and I came across a post of a fellow blogger called Emily-May who shared a snap of their Doughnut Time DIY box and I was instantly curious. I headed online to find out what the deal was and knew I had to get it. I mean, it’s completely on brand and, who doesn’t love doughnuts? Especially during these times, we are all in need of a little pick me up. Plus Doughnut Time is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, so getting it at home is the next best thing.

Doughnut time DIY kit

I ordered my kit on Monday afternoon and it came on Wednesday, considering what is going on at the moment and how late in the afternoon I ordered it, I was impressed by the quick delivery time. So what was included in the kit and how do you get one? Keep reading to find out.

The DIY kit cost £20 with an additional £5.95 for shipping and Doughnut Time offers a DIY kit for Vegans alongside their standard alternative. I purchased the standard kit which looked amazing in the pictures and in the flesh too. I was really impressed with how neat the box was laid out and how nothing was damaged. It comes with four of their delicious doughnuts, a range of sweets and chocolate and 3 already made up bags of glaze. The delivery arrived super early on Wednesday and I was so excited to get started.

As advised in the instructions after glazing your doughnut leave them to one side to dry off before adding any more glaze/toppings. So I applied a base coat of glaze to each doughnut and then 5 minutes later (or when they were dry) I added some additional glaze and started adding on the toppings. Despite the glaze being in a box overnight and shipped to your door, the consistency made the glaze easy to use and the doughnuts stayed completely fresh.

doughnut time

I am someone who is a creative person, this seemed ideal for me to enjoy the fun of decorating the doughnuts whilst trying to get them to look semi decent. I think they actually look pretty good (and tasted it too) if you’re looking to get a DIY kit from Doughnut Time, they’re currently available for purchase on their site and make a great gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself. If you’re looking for other ways to bring joy into your life, check out this post by CreateJoyEveryday.

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  1. Trudie Hazel Tagert says:

    I soooooooooooo want to order one of these but my phone nos will not be accepted on the form and they donot take orders over the phone I looked at other companies but this looked the best xx

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