Hi you lovely lot, how are we? I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! I am bringing you another post this week and I am rather excited about this one,  a while back I created a post about my perfect kitchen and it went down a treat with you guys, so I’ve decided to bring it back and do a little bit of a series of creating my dream home, starting with the living room and then next I shall be doing the bedroom/bathroom. I thought these type of posts would work best in like a mood board/wishlist styled post. I hope you enjoy this post as much as my last one!

The Sofa:
Fishpools have the most gorgeous sofas I’ve ever seen in my life including some gorgeous leather ones and my favourite one which is a fabric sofa called Cadogan! It’s a bit out there, but I think it totally sums up my personality in a sofa. I would keep the rest of the room pretty minimal to make the sofa pop.

I love this clock because it is simple, yet looks gorgeous. I think it would be perfect in the middle of a wall in the front room with lovely pictures around it, I would love to create a fun feature wall in my front room and this would be start of that. I love the clock in white with the copper rim (bloggers prerogative) although you can get it in other colours such as black and grey.

I was recently shopping at The Range, and I fell in love with this beautiful picture, it is so gorgeous and would look amazing on my wall. I would love to get three similar pictures all in black and white looking like they had been had drawn.

My front room would need some form of speaker for when I have my friends over, I have recently had my eye on the Amazon Echo, and the fact it comes in white makes it even more appealing to me. It’s the perfect gadget to have in any front room and the Echo does more than just play music. It also reads audio books and can tell you the news! Win.

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