Yankee Candle Christmas Collection 2018:

It’s no secret that Yankee Candle is my favourite candle brand, their one of those brands that once they’re in your life, they never really leave. You know their reliable, last ages and always have a huge variety of scents to chose from. Yankee Candle releases several collections throughout the year but the Christmas range is always my favourite. If you missed last years collection be sure to stop by the post. This year I was gifted 2 of the candles and an advent calendar so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you on those and if there are any other brands of candles/wax melts you’d like for me to review, do let me know in the comments and I’ll try to do so. 

Yankee Candle has a variety of sized candles, the large jars which are featured in this post are £23.99 and they have over 110 hours of burning time, the medium jars costing £19.99 and having around 65-70 hours and the small jars which cost £8.99 and have a burn time of 20-30 hours. They also have wax melts and votive candles. As someone who likes to have a variety of scents on the go, I do usually buy one of the large candles for my favourite scent and then a huge variety of the melts as I feel like they smell the strongest for the longest amount of time and cost £1.79. Plus it’s a great way to try out new fragrances and great for creating presents for friends with, as you can pick a variety of scents to allow them to choose from. So this year the two scents I am going to be reviewing are Winter Wonder and Frosty Gingerbread and hopefully, you find these reviews useful as I am rubbish at explaining scents.

Frosty Gingerbread















Frosty Gingerbread:

Frosty Gingerbread reminds me of my first Yankee Candle, I don’t even remember the name of it, I just remember that smelled so strongly of ginger and other winter spices and filled my room with that ‘true’ Christmas scent. Frosty Gingerbread fills any room with that true homely smell and makes you feel instantly relaxed. The smell to me honestly just smells like when you’ve baked gingerbread biscuits and the smell takes over the whole house and it’s just lush. 

Yankee Candle state the following about the fragrance notes:
Top: Cinnamon, Vanilla frosting, Nutmeg
Mid: Ginger, Clove
Base: Gingerbread, Sugar.

The first scent that I notice when I smell the candle is ginger, followed by a sweet sugary scent. I think for some people, it could be a scent that isn’t their cup of tea as it is strong and could be overpowering. I know not everyone loves the winter spiced candles, but I find it delightful. The colour of the candle is a deep red and the biscuits on the front make me want to make my own too. If you love ginger you’re in for a real treat, let me tell ya. 

Winter Wonder Candle














Winter Wonder: 

Have you ever just smelt a candle and known it was one you needed to purchase? This candle is that one for me. To me, at first, I thought this smelt like a mix of white chocolate and peppermint. It’s super sweet scent and totally different from Frosty Gingerbread. It smells so lush and it’s one of those candles that aren’t overpowering but are a nice background scent. 

The fragrance notes for this candle as advised by Yankee Candle are:
Top: Frozen Lemon, Frost Air
Mid: Champagne Accord, Silver Balsam
Base: Vanilla, Sheer Musk

If you’re looking for a sweet scent this Christmas I’d totally recommend this one, it is one of my favourites ever candles alongside Fireside Treats. It’s one of those candles that are a safe bet for a family or a friend too in my opinion as it’s just such a loveable and relaxing scent.  

Yankee Candle Advent Calender 2018












Advent Calendar 2018 (Contains Spoilers): 

Last year throughout December I loved opening each of the tea light candles and trying out the fragrances which were within. The candles are the perfect size for an evening of burning and for the size, they pack a punch for sure. 

The scents in this year’s calendar are: Glittering Star, Winter Glow, Icy Blue Spruce, Crackling Woodfire, Sparkling Cinamon, The Perfect Tree, Snowflake Cookie and All Is Bright. Which is a large variety compared to last year, as I felt there were a lot fewer scents to chose from. I am excited to try out some of these scents and it’s a great way to decide if to buy a full-sized version of the candle. 

Overall I’d say the Christmas collection this year has a lot more choice and the scents are a little more like me. Full speed ahead to December

What are your favourite Christmas scents

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