Since the UK went into lockdown I decided to take on my own hair and nails as I’d be lost without them, plus I thought it could be fun. After looking into different gel polishes, I decided to head on over to Candy Coat as I’ve seen their stuff on Instagram and everything looks super cute and pink. I spent a good while browsing the site trying to decide what to buy, before landing on their Candy Stix reasonably priced and available in lots of colours. Candy Stix which claim to be a 3 in 1 gel polish sounds amazing, especially for a newbie, as all you need to do is paint and cure- seems simple right? Find out what happened when I used their Candy Stix and would I buy more?

Candy Stix Review

First impressions

I absolutely love the packaging put together by Candy Coat, it’s full of cutesy items such as pompoms, sweets, stickers and more. So when you open your package it’s definitely an unboxing experience. Although due to COVID-19 it would appear the sweets are currently out of stock as with a £25 (or more) order you get to pick sweets from their pick a mix, which I did. However, they never arrived which made me a little bit sad. The first impressions of the product were me being sceptical on how it would dry and if the pens would actually give me my desired result.

The fact these pens had a base coat, colour and a top coat all in one bottle made me curious to find out how it would work in terms of stickiness and if it actually cured well.

Candy Coat Candy Stix


The application sadly was a bit of a faff and although they cured completely after using the lamp, applying the gel to start with was difficult. To get the product out, you needed to twist the top which takes a while, but once it’s started coming out, it was difficult to stop it coming out, even when the product was upright and I cleaned off the brush when I next went to use it the lid was covered and it had dripped all down the pen. Although the colours are fantastic, they dry quickly without the lamp so it means trying to even out a coat just made it clumpy. When the brush worked well, it was easy to apply and one of the colours I was using worked better than the other. When I was using the orange it came out all lumpy, however, the purple applied more smoothly and looked great.

Part of me wishes I’d just bought gel polish, but at the same time it was a fun product to test and I am happy to report it cures well and isn’t sticky at all. I think if you’re good at nails you may find this easier, but for a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend despite Candy Coat claiming them to be ideal for beginners.

Finished result

Now, as I noted it is only my second time of using gel, my application wouldn’t have been the neatest, however, it feels really thick and it was hard to paint in the lines and sometimes a random blob of colour would come down and it would be difficult to spread it out before it dried. So I can’t wait to take it off, although as the brand has a huge range of products it hasn’t put me off trying gel polish from their actual gel range.


Have you ever tried the Candy Coat ‘Candy Stix’? 


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