Buying your first car: 

Cars, there’s something about buying your first car isn’t there? I think it’s one of those moments you tend to remember forever. Today I decided to talk to you about cars, I’m finally getting my own car in September, courtesy of my Grandma giving me hers when she retires. However, for a while (over a year), I did look into buying my own car. I decided I’d create this post to share some of the research I did with you guys when I was looking to buy my own car. Also what my dream car would consist of, as it’s always fun to dream. 

According to research from CBT News, 45% of women are now buying cars showing that cars are no longer just a ‘man thing’ but in fact, a thing women love just as much! I love the fact that women are now buying more cars than ever and I also like that when doing research it states that 70-80% of all car purchases are actually influenced by women. 
Despite my *soon to be* new car being black, my dream car being a very girly girl the colour of the car is important to me, I would love something pastel coloured or just white as I think they’re girly and my style. I have seen some gorgeous Fiat 500s which I totally wouldn’t mind! When looking for a car I imagine the inside would be just as important as the outside to me, I love interior and I think it would be important to have lots of gadgets inside, including a good set of speakers, heat up seats and a good colour leather for the seats. Ideally, it would be a newer car as it would be more road-friendly and not admit as many bad gasses into the environment! After seeing many people in my own life using finance to buy a car, if I was going to buy a new car this would be the way I would do it. I’ve read into speaking to the bank about finance as it is likely to have lower interest rates than paying for it via a dealership, but it’s worth looking into your offers first. 

Tips for buying a car that you love
Buying a car in the months of October through to December is great as it is when the new cars come out for the year, cars are released in January and September, plus dealerships usually have a quota they need to make for the year so timing can be everything. If you plan on buying a car through a dealership, they do often have purchasing offers on and if you trade in your old car (if you have one) it will allow you to possibly have some money towards the deposit of your new car. Do some research on the valuation of your car as you want to get the best price for it.   

If you plan on going through a dealership to pay monthly for your car, make sure you can afford the monthly repayments for the car you buy. Usually, you can set the terms to be longer if it is a higher amount, although beware this may add interest to your purchase. 

Let me know in the comments what your first car was like.  

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