This post was supposed to go up as a what I got for Christmas post, but honestly, I ran out of time around Christmas and suddenly it was mid-January. So instead I thought I’d turn this post into an Ulta beauty haul, for those of you who are unaware of what Ulta is, it’s similar to Boots for those of us in the UK. Except it is filled with brands which we can only dream of having in the UK. Good news though, as there are now a huge variety of services which allow you to ship goodies in from the US. I wrote a post about how you can too order goodies from the US. Hopefully, you enjoy this haul and let me know if you would like to see reviews of the products feature.
Sigma creme palette
Too Faced Clover Palette
Sigma Creme De Couture palette:
This palette isn’t actually from Ulta, but in fact from Beauty Bay but this started out a Christmas styled post, therefore I’d already taken the photos. Sigma is based in the US, however, we now have sites in the UK like the Beauty Bay where these can be purchased from. This palette is currently £29.50 and is filled with so many bright and easy to work with shades. The shades aren’t as pigmented as I first thought they were going be, however they are buildable and are really easy to blend. My favourite shades are Redberry Rose and Blueberry cream as these stood out to me as soon as I opened the palette. The palette itself is lightweight and easy to carry and has a fairly decent sized mirror, perfect for applying on the go.   
Clover A Girl’s Best Friend Palette:
From Too Faced this palette currently retails at $49 and is currently sold out on Ulta, however, can be purchased directly from Too Faced. I was first drawn to the palette for its amazing packaging (how cute though!!) and the fact I haven’t purchased any Too Faced palettes since the Chocolate Bon Bons palette and that one was so good, I knew I needed to try another. The shades in this palette have some rather strange names like daddies heart me. I assume the names in the palette is based on dog-related items. The palette itself has some interesting shade choices from pale pinks to a mustard yellow and just about everything in between. I think this palette is great for creating all year round looks.
Too Faced Primed Poreless
Sketch Marker Too Faced
Too Faced Primed Poreless Powder:
Good news for us Brits, this is actually an item you can purchase in the UK from Debenhams, I was drawn to this firstly for the Polly Pocket esq packaging. The powder itself is £24.00 in the UK and can be used for priming and also to set makeup which I think is pretty cool. This would be fab for using on the go as it includes a poof to put it on with and also has a little mirror. 
Chocolate Brownie Eyebrow Pencil: 
2017 was the year I discovered filling in your eyebrows is actually a pretty good thing to do and can make your whole makeup look complete. Throughout the year I tried a variety of products and never quite found the right one, I have fallen head over heels in love with this gorgeous product from Too Faced. The Chocolate Brownie eyebrow pencil is $23, it’s long lasting and smells amazing. I love this for a quick and easy application, as well as topping up on the go. The only downside to these types of eyebrow pencils is that it can easily snap, meaning that it runs out a lot quicker. 
Too Faced Sketch Marker: 
I’ve wanted to try these eyeliners for the longest time, when I went to the States they only had them in bright colours and as fab as a pink and orange eyeliner would be, I don’t know how much use I’d really get out of it. This eyeliner is $20 and the same price as the Kat Von D lock it liner, I am a huge fan of the Kat Von D one but I decided to give this one a try also. I love the packaging, the heart on the lid and the font on the front make it appealing. However, sadly I don’t think it’s as good as the Kat Von D one, although it’s still a good liner. 
Part 2, coming soon!

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