Stress is something we have to deal with in our lives from time to time, for some of us it can be more often than others. It is normal to feel stressed as a reaction, but being able to combat it is also important. For those who struggle with stress a lot, it may be worth seeking advice from your doctor or counselling to get to the route of the problem. But we all have bad days and sometimes we just need something to help us de-stress. As someone who stresses out a lot, sometimes at the smaller things in life, having ways for me to be able to de-stress from it all is super important. In the past, my self-help posts have been super popular (therefore I am hoping useful) so I thought I’d bring you a new post today with my top tips for de-stressing. Let me know in the comments what your top tip is to help you relax on a bad day.

Destress Kit

1. Take a nap:
When I take a nap I instantly feel better once I come round a bit. Stressing can make you tired so when you allow yourself to take a nap you feel a lot better. According to Verywellmind the amount of time you nap for is crucial, as once you fall into a deep sleep it can be harder to wake up from, leaving you feeling worse (anyone else ever woken up after a nap and completely have no concept of time or date?) a nap between 15-30 minutes can help us feel refreshed and I always feel so much calmer after a nap. I prefer to take naps somewhere which isn’t my bed as I always find it harder to come out of a nap. Some people take naps on the sofa, however, others prefer to take one outdoors on a Hammock which sounds like a dream, especially in the summer.


2. Turn off your phone:
My worst habit when I am stressed is looking at my phone, I feel unable to switch off when keeping my phone on, yet I am worried about missing something important so I won’t turn it off #fomo probs. However, the times in which I’ve turned it off and spent a few hours away from it, I do find my mood is so much better and I feel a lot less stressed.

3. Write down your thoughts:
Writing down your thoughts when you’re feeling stressed is a great way to try get to the root of the problem as well as being able to vent. You get your own personal place to vent and you don’t have to worry about sharing it with others. Paperchase has a large variety of life journals which have tons of different pages to write on. Carrying one around with you is also a great idea so you can look back on it and reflect.

Candle and Facemasks


4. Read a good book:
Never underestimate the power of a good book, allowing yourself some time just to zone out with a book of your choice can be a great thing to help you de-stress. You get to live out of your mind for a while and soak in the surrounds of the book. In the summer I love to read books outside as it makes me feel extra relaxed. You can also dig your teeth into a book in whilst sitting in a hanging hammock chair which allows you to get super comfy in and relax.

5. Have a relaxing bath:
This is one of my favourite ways to relax when I am stressed as it allows you to be alone for a while, you can light up some candles, get yourself a nice drink and pop a bath bomb in the bath and you’re good to go. I love buying bath bombs from Lush as they’re always super fun and you can tailor your mood to which bath bomb you pick. An alternative to bath bombs can be adding some oils to the tub, like lavender for the ultimate relaxation session.

How to relax

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