Back in 2016 I did a post about places I want to visit and it is still to this day one of my most viewed posts of all time, I then reached out to you guys on Twitter and asked if you want more travel posts and 95% of you said yes! So since then, I have been wanting to bring you more travel-focused content and over the last few months, I think I’ve been doing that pretty well, including my posts about travel anxiety, wanderlust in the UK and when in Spain. So I decided to bring you another post about where I want to visit in the world next, now I am overcoming my travel anxiety and wanting to do more things, I thought it would be the perfect time to get planning. 
Amsterdam is a place which has been on my list of places to visit for a long time, and this year it is *possibly* happening! With everyone in my office at work talking about it recently it has prompted me to get it sorted. With so many amazing museums including the Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh museum (I’ve also been told I need to check out the sex museum, by a fair few of my friends) Along with other things like canal boat tours, the flower market and even the red light district. Amsterdam sounds like a place of lots to do, and you able to pack a lot into a few days so great for a long weekend away.
A newer destination that has been added to my dream holiday list is Mauritius, which is full of beautiful beaches and lagoons and has so much to do. When looking at the Visit Mauritius I found out so much about the island and what you can do, I was drawn to visiting Port Louis as that is the capital city of the country. There are so many amazing things to do such as visiting the photography museum which is compiled of art from Tristan Breville, lots of shopping (gotta love the shopping) and there is even a China town. Which came from when Chinese migrants in 1780, and today there is still very much a Chinese culture and it is filled with restaurants and supermarkets!  
The last destination on my list to visit is Budapest, this destination for some reason has always just seemed appealing to me. Again, there are many museums to visit such as the pinball museum and the Holocaust memorial centre. As well as that there are some unique things to do like go for a dip in the Szechenyi baths and shopping at the central market hall. I’ve also heard some great things about the cuisine in Budapest. 

Where is on your list to visit? 

*Collaborative post

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