It’s no secret I am a HUGE fan of Yankee Candles, and they’ve made an appearance on my blog previously which you can read here if you fancy. Today I am bringing you the out of Africa collection which is their latest collection. The collection is inspired by Africa itself featuring things like mountains, flowers and even sunsets. I do find describing scents hard so bare with me if my description sounds a bit odd. The names of the candles in the collection are: Serengeti Sunset, Madagascan Orchid, Kilimanjaro Stars and Egyptian Musk and with such amazing names are the scents as impressive?
Yankee Candle Out Of Africa

Serengeti Sunset: I honestly have no idea how to even begin to explain this candle, it doesn’t smell like one particular scent like some candles tend to, it smells like a variety of things and to me reminds me of the house I was staying in Florida (which isn’t much use to you lot) it’s a very fruity and it reminds me of a mix between cherry and orange with a tad of vanilla possibly. It’s a strong scent but I like the idea of it being like a sunset as it a nice evening scent and has an element of warmth behind it. If you like strong fruity smells this one is for you!

Yankee Candle Out Of Africa

Madagascan Orchid: Out of all of the collection this candle is my least favourite, although the packaging and colour is beautiful. This reminds me of two things, one being an air freshener which can be a good thing as it means the air freshener has a good scent or bad that your candle smells like an air freshener. Secondly, it reminds me of an autumn fragrance which you would start burning after walking through the leaves with your coat on and want to get warm. If you enjoy fresh scents this one isn’t for you, but all the same, is an enjoyable fragrance.

Yankee Candle Out Of Africa

Kilimanjaro Stars: Out of the four this is my favourite by far, I love it! It has a soothing element with it, it reminds me of an expensive beauty cream I own which is good. I like it because I feel like it’s the perfect scent to relax to whilst watching TV, to me it does have a bit of a manly aftershave smell, but that makes it even better as it’s comforting. I think it has an Aloe Vera scent to it which I adore and is a very fresh feeling scent, perfect for those evenings when it starts to get cold.


Yankee Candle Out Of Africa

Egyptian Musk: On first look of this candle it does remind me of a jar of toffee which is always a bonus in my eyes, who doesn’t love toffee?! This candle is actually Egyptian Musk which reminds me of summer and it has a strong vanilla scent which to mean is quite homely and I find it enjoyable. I think this is a perfect summer fragrance for long summer nights and great for having a relaxing bath. I would repurchase this again any day, and recommend it to those who love sweet scents.

5 thoughts on “Yankee Candle| Out of Africa Review.

  1. Soph Cullen says:

    I'm about to go to my local Yankee candle store! I am obsessed with them, loved this post!

  2. Louise Smith says:

    I've not tried these yet as I've got way too many candles in my stash to go through. I had a little sniff the other day though and they smell amazing!!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  3. chloe logan says:

    Thanks for your link in the #bblogger chat,
    I love Yankees!! The Egyptian musk one sounds ahmazzzzin 🙂

    Chloe // x

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