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What Is Castor Oil?
A native to Africa and India, castor oil is recommended for its amazing health benefits which have been utilized for centuries across hair care industries, its profits for hair are reliably visible. This multipurpose oil is prepared by pressing the seeds of castor plant namely Ricinus communis and provide multiple benefits to your overall body. It can be used as a home remedy and is a basic ingredient in many cosmetics, medicines, fabrics, oil as well as toiletries.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Castor oil is known to solve various hair issues such as dandruff, hair fall, battling scup infections, hair regrowth etc. With the help of high protein content in it, castor oil is ideal for maintaining hair nourishment and enabling your hair to become healthier.

You can also apply Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil to get an advanced result.

Removes Dandruff
The castor oil contains high ricinoleic acid content which balances the pH of the scalp resulting in a hostile environment for dandruff growth. Also helps to remove present dandruff in the scalp.

Reduces Hair Fall
Castor oil helps in reducing hair fall by probing the peripheral layer of the hair shaft and resulting in thick and strong hair. Apply Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner before hairstyling your hair to protect your hair against heat styling damage.

Removes Split Ends
Castor is best in repairing the keratin of the hair shaft resulting in more stretchable hair and makes your hair more resilient to splitting and breakage. Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil shampoo can be helpful to reduce this issue.


Promotes Hair Regrowth
By containing vitamin E which has antioxidant properties, castor oil helps to repair and restore hair follicles which subsequently result in hair growth.

Benefits Of Castor Oil For Eyelashes
Castor oil not only enables the hair growth from the scalp but also can help to have long and attractive eyelashes as it makes your eyelashes thick and voluminous. Now, you can replace your chemical-based mascara with low-cost castor oil to get longer, thicker and healthier eyelashes. You can use castor oil in contrast with glycerin, egg white, olive oil or sweet almond oil to get a faster and better result for your eyelashes.

Benefits of Castor Oil Eyebrows
Just like eyelashes, castor oil is known to give brilliant result for eyebrows as well as it can turn your thin eyebrows into flaunting thick and voluminous one. As it is rich in protein and minerals, castor oil with the help of its abundant ricinoleic acid enhances the volume of your brows and eradicate the problem of hair loss.

Benefits of Castor Oil For Beard Growth
It is obvious that castor oil enhances all types of hair growth, promotes hair follicular activity and thickens hair. So, by this logic, it can be considered that it spread its magic for beard grooming as well. Organic castor oil can be added into beard gel or serum to enhance the fine growth of beard.

Benefits of Castor Oil For Face And Skin
Just like hair, castor oil benefits face in various forms and reduce many skin related problems by providing flawless face and skin.

Reduces the Occurrence of Acne
Castor oil contains anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce bacterial growth on your face and also fight the infection that can cause acne. The acne marks can be noticeably condensed by applying castor oil on the face.

Improves Facial Texture
Castor oil assist to improve your facial texture qualities such as softness, smoothness, glow and moisture with the help of its formulation that contains fatty acids components.

Improves Complexion
Castor oil helps to considerably restore uneven and dull skin quality and also contain fatty acids that facilitate the growth of healthy skin tissue and improve your complexion.


Works well on Sensitive Skin
You can apply castor oil on all types of skin even the sensitive one as it does not mark your skin with issues like irritation, redness or pimples. In fact, it is best to apply on sensitive skins even on your face as it has a negligible comedogenic score that does not block your skin pores and can help you to achieve a clearer complexion.

Castor oil not only makes hair thick and voluminous but also adds a brilliant shine and texture to it while providing various benefits to the skin as well. Its application makes your body healthy and nutritious and therefore it is one of the most endorsed oils by many skin and hair specialists.

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