AD | 3 Places I Want To Visit In The UK (When lockdown is over)


*This post is in collaboration with but all views are my own The idea of not being able to anywhere is making me want to go just anywhere and everywhere, which is usually not something I feel comfortable with. The last year or so has been a massive reminder that being able to travel […]

Review of the Pullman Hotel in Liverpool AD

Despite blogging for over 6 years, I still have those pinch-me moments. When Buyagift got in touch recently and offered me one of their experiences to review, I couldn’t quite believe it. When scrolling through their site I was greeted with plenty of choices, including driving, spas, helicopter rides, mini-breaks and more! With experiences across […]

What I always pack for travelling!

Going away travelling can be a stressful experience for anyone, for me, I find it difficult due to the masses of anxiety that build up beforehand and I ended up forgetting just about everything I am supposed to take with me. Packing for a holiday is something I dread as I am more of a […]

How To Stay Safe At Festivals AD

Festival Essentials

Most of us have now seen the Snapchat of the girl who had her drink spiked at a festival a few months back, and it’s so out of order that this happens at festivals, and honestly shocks me that someone could do that. Luckily for the girl, she caught it on camera and the guy soon […]