Places you need to visit when in Spain!

Travelling to Spain

Just about everyone and their dog (literally) is off on holiday this summer and it’s giving me seriously wanderlust, as someone with anxiety I do find it hard to travel around. Which gives me some serious FOMO, as I see a constant stream of beautiful places I want to visit and have a list as […]

How To Stay Safe At Festivals AD

Festival Essentials

Most of us have now seen the Snapchat¬†of the girl who had her drink spiked at a festival a few months back, and it’s so out of order that this happens at festivals, and honestly shocks me that someone could do that. Luckily for the girl, she caught it on camera and the guy soon […]

My Favourite Places To Eat In Florida

If you’re looking for places to eat in Florida, I’ve written up a list based on my all-time favourites. Despite being stuck in the UK right now, one day I hope to go back to the states and indulge in more of their amazing delicacies. As a vegetarian, I actually found it a lot easier […]

My trip to the Universal Studios in Florida.

Universal Studios

When I visited Florida one of my favourite days out was Universal Studios alongside Disneyland (who doesn’t love visiting Disneyland) and during my time in America, I experienced plenty of new experiences. One of the places I was most excited to visit when I was planning the trip was Universal Studios. Being a film student […]