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When driving there are numerous things you need to remember to stay safe on the road and it can be so easy to get distracted. Not giving the road your complete attention is not only dangerous to you and any passengers in your car but it’s also dangerous to other people on the road. A recent study from Lease Car UK showed the top distractions for drivers in the UK. As I was super interested to read this and kind of shocked too, I thought you guys may enjoy the findings too. 
Not surprisingly the study found that noise was the biggest distraction for many drivers, with music affecting people’s concentration. Many people said they think heavy metal and rock are the most distracting genres of music, while pop and classical are thought to be the least distracting genres.
Another distraction for UK drivers is eating on the go. 30% of people who were surveyed said they would grab lunch or a snack, with chocolate and sweets being the popular choice of food in the car. With drive-thrus being available for coffee and fast food, it makes the temptation even higher when on the road, especially if it is a long drive. When driving on the road, it’s important that everyone in the car tries not to distract the driver, so keep the snacks to one side until the car has come to a stop.
Pets and children can also be a distraction, with almost 6 out of 10 people saying they drive with children in the car. 30% of people said they use the rear-view mirror to talk to their children and 3% said they turn around when talking to them. 25% of people drive around with a pet in the car and only 5% of those pets are put in the footwell, which is considered to be the more dangerous choice, as pets should be strapped in. 
A big distraction for a lot of drivers is mobile phones, which is one of the leading causes of car accidents. You’re only allowed to use a phone if it is fully hands-free and your device should be set up before you start your journey. A lot of cars these days allow you to connect your mobile device automatically. Whether it’s your own car or if you’re looking into Hyundai leasing deals from Lease Car UK, check that the car has features that can allow you to operate your phone through voice commands. This allows you to listen to music on the go or call people if needs be. This allows you to be focused on the road, rather than down on your phone. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to keep concentration when I am looking at my phone, let alone on the road. 
Advice on driving distractions
Let me know in the comments which of these stats shocked you the most? I think for me, it was that people put their pets in the footwell! 


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