Ghosted by my best friend

Ghosted by my friend.

                            ” Ghosting: the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”  Something most of us have experienced in our lives, whether we’ve put a name to the experience or just moved on, […]

4 Years after changing my name

Changing my name, years 4 on: the truth, confusion and hello Olivia.

It’s been four whole years since I took the *giant* step of changing my name by deed poll. Not my surname or middle name, I went all out and changed my first and middle name. It’s always a great fact during those ‘introduce yourself’ exercises at new jobs. A lot of the time, people don’t […]

10 Times I ‘Won’ At Life | Lets Talk

I am forever talking about important issues on my blog, which I love more than anything in the world and I will continue to do so. But today I decided I would share something different with my lovely readers on my blog and share 10 times that I ‘won’ at life. By winning at life […]

6 Things About Moving Into Your Own Home | Lifestyle

A bit of a different post today, I thought I’d break up all of the Halloween stuff which has been going down on Dungarees & Donuts and feature something a little bit different. Most of you are probably aware if you follow me on Twitter, in July I moved into my own house and it […]