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I’ve tried many whitening options when it comes to my teeth, after wearing braces for close to 5 years (yeah you read that right!) when I finally got them off I would do anything to make my teeth the whitest they could be, often going to the dentist for a polish but at £40 a time when the results aren’t even that good, I kept feeling disappointed, after trying many high street brands of toothpaste who claim whitening results and still not getting much whiter I gave up and decided to stop wasting my money on toothpaste with no results. This was until I found out about Pearl Drops, they are available to buy on the high street for around £3.99 and you can get different ones depending on what you are looking for. There are different ones for those who drink a lot of tea and coffee (everyone except me?!) I tried out the Pearl Drops Instant White & the Beauty Sleep Serum.
Pearl Drops

Pearl Drops Instant White:

Claims to give you a 4D whitening effect, giving you whiter teeth whilst the paste removes plaque and helps to lift stains and it says two shades whiter within 1 week and it has a scale down the side of the colours of teeth. I actually agree with this, I was using the toothpaste for 3 days before I noticed a change, and during the week as I kept using the toothpaste getting some lovely comments from customers at work, although some of them were old men it’s still nice to hear. I’ve been using the toothpaste for 3 weeks now and I am incredibly impressed with the results my teeth are looking whiter every day, and I will be re-purchasing this for two reasons, obviously the amazing results but secondly who doesn’t love pink toothpaste?
Pearl Drops

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep:

The first beauty serum which works whilst you are asleep nourishing gums and whitening teeth, protecting them from the negative effects of time. I have been rubbing this all over my teeth and gums every day for the last 3 weeks and I have found has helped with the whitening of my teeth, anything to make those whites extra pearly hey, but I will be repurchasing this to make sure my teeth continue to stay pearly white.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried using whitening strips? They are soo easy to use and only need to use them half an hour each day 🙂 the best ones are Stella white for me.

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