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What do you mean Olivia, that every day isn’t a lazy day?! Shockingly enough, despite the image that my Instagram portrays (with the bed flat lays on a daily) I can be a pretty *busy* person, although I do enjoy my bed, probably more the average person. So on my days off from work, I usually like to dedicate one of them to be lazy, which often helps me reset my mental health for the following week at work. Sometimes I run errands on these days or go to the gym, but for the most part, going out is kept to a minimum on that day. I tend to consume copious amounts of animal biscuits and want to sleep a lot, but what is in store for Olivia on a lazy day? I hear you say (nobody said that really, I just needed to imagine they did so I could have an angle for my post) However, if you do want to find out about what my lazy day entails stay tuned and all will be revealed
Each lazy day starts with no alarms, of course, waking up when you want is the beauty of a day off, unless I have a delivery or its bin day then I am good. Once waking up, coffee or some form of Caffeine is needed. Recently I’ve been relying on my coffee bags which I didn’t actually know were a thing until a few weeks back when I was sent some by Lyons. The concept is exactly the same as tea, except it is coffee. It’s so great to be able to chuck a bag in some boiling water and leave it for a few mins, then you discard of the bag and add the additionals as you usually would, milk and three sugars please! (No judgement on my sugars allowed.) I love to enjoy my breakfast at the table whilst reading a magazine or catching up on my favourite YouTubers. Today, this will be watching the new Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star video, if you are yet to see this series, you are missing out. 


After I’ve finished my coffee and food, I like to go brush my teeth and then take a shower. About 2 hours later (slight exaggeration) I usually air dry which is another beauty of not being in a rush for work. Then I will dry off the excess water out of my hair and plait it or just leave it to dry naturally. Lazy days are not for makeup so I usually skip my usual makeup routine and apply some skin care products, I am completely in love with Clinique recently and ended up buying a whole new skin routine to try to combat my acne and oily skin, so far so good. Following this, I’ll probably lay on my bed and either watch countless episodes of Jeremy Kyle, 90-day finance or Friends and then move on to some blogging and be semi-productive. 
On the days on which I actually head out to do things for a while, I make another coffee to go in my travel mug, and of course, grab a couple of the Lyons Coffee bags for caffeine-related emergencies! For 14p per bag and each bag is filled with freshly ground coffee beans and is quick and easy to make, I think I am on to a winner. After I’ve run my errands, it is time for the remainder of the day to be completely unplanned, I like to hang out with my bunnies, clean a bit and watch more TV, I am currently working my way through my Netflix watch list and if I have time, chuck a cheeky nap or two in there for good measure! #Perfection, and that folks is how I roll on my lazy days! Let me know in the comments how you like to spend your lazy days and if you’ve ever tried coffee in a bag, I am curious! 

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