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As you may of seen on Twitter, some bloggers were offered the chance to review one of these beauties. The Magnitone*, this is something I’ve wanted this last August when I was in the States and they had them in Sephora and the lady did a little bit of a trial on me and I was shocked at what dirt came out of my skin! So now with my own (a pink one may I add) I am ready to see what all of the fuss is about!

I used the cleansing brush everyday for a week as part of my morning routine, I first would put the cleanser on the brush and do it that way but decided after a few days it worked better just via putting it on my face directly. The brush has two modes, one which is deep clean and the other which is sensitive! I tried out both the different modes to see what the difference is and decided to use the deep cleanse every other day just and the sensitive in between to make sure it wasn’t too harsh on my skin as it’s pretty sensitive.

The first thing I noticed about my skin was how clean an soft it felt after using the Magnitone and it felt a lot better in itself by day 4 I noticed my acne was going down and my skin was a lot clearer which made me feel great! One of the things about the Magnitone which I found great was the fact that it is waterproof so it can be used in the bath and the shower which is useful as I would of originally thought it wasn’t waterpoof. I found the timer useful too, within the device is a timer which lasts for a minute and turns off after the minute which to me is a great thing to know how long I am using it for or else I would be clueless.

After using the Magnitone and seeing how much of an improvement it made on my skin it made me a little scared on how much dirt and make-up was building up in my skin despite using a cleanser, and I am so glad I have the Magnitone now to change this as I am finally looking forward to a more clear face!

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Magnitone Brush

Magnitone Cleanser
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