I was recently sent these Look Good Feel Better brushes and beauty blender from the lovely people at Beauty Expert and was super excited, not only are these brushes supposed to be amazing, they also support the charity Look Good Feel Better who supporting women dealing with the visible side effects of cancer. The brushes are super soft for sensitive skin as well as cruelty-free, all of the brushes are clearly named with what they do so they are easy to identify.
I have wanted to try out a beauty blender for ages so this came at the perfect time, from previous experience I have found that some beauty blenders can be poor quality and not actually do the job they are supposed to do properly, but I haven’t found this is the case with this one at all. I love it for blending my concealer, especially places such as under my eyes, my nose and pesky spots elsewhere and they are lot better covered than when I use a brush or my finger, it also sticks to the word of the packaging and is SUPER soft and amazing for sensitive skin. 
As far as the brushes go I am super happy with this mini masterclass set as I feel it includes all of the main brushes that you may need when applying make-up and I am in need of a new foundation brush as my other is falling apart so this is also good timing! The first thing I had to test about these brushes are the softness guarantee and once again I wasn’t disappointed, they feel very soft. In the set there is a foundation brush, a powder/blusher brush and also an eyeshadow brush. I think these brushes are perfect for travelling or an on the go makeup bag, but I am assuming the full sized brushes are amazing also and well worth investing if you are looking for a new set of brushes/ a soft set of brushes. I like the packaging of these brushes as they look expensive and high quality. My favourite brush is the powder brush as it feels like a dream when applying powder to my face whereas some brushes can be quite rough on the face. I think I will be buying myself a full size of their foundation brush as I think it would be perfect for everyday use and give my current one a run for it’s money! 

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