July favourites D&D

Website: Pinterest! I have spent so much time on Pinterest this month, I adore it and can’t drag myself away from it at the moment.

Blog: This is too hard to pick one so I went for two, I have been loving Lemon Freckles and VictoriaJanex both their blogs have lots of colour and pretty pictures and they’re both full of exciting content.

Food: I have recently been introduced to the Biscuiteers who make adorable shaped biscuits and I can’t help but love them, I found it so cute that they even have ice cream styled ones, they’re so realistic too, and would happily purchase them for presents in the future.

Shop: This month I’ve been loving LoveTheSign who have some seriously gorgeous items to make your room Pinterest ready, I love the gorgeous lighting which they have some are even in light bulb shapes which is so awesome! I’d love to be able to buy all of my house stuff from their website!

Listening to: Fall out boy! Although their new stuff won’t ever be as good as their old music I am slowly getting addicted to their latest album and the song Novocaine, it’s catchy.

App: The trainline. I honestly can’t believe that this app made it into my favourites but as I’ve been doing a lot of travelling this month I found this so useful to help me find out where my train is and which stops are coming up.

Product: I have been loving the Bioderma makeup remover, it always leaves my face feeling clean and fresh and takes off my makeup so easily which other liquid removers fail to do. I love that it is a bottle which is travel-friendly and easy to carry around, I would happily recommend this to all of you lovely bloggers!

Achievements: I had my first tattoo! I honestly can’t believe it either, it was so worth the pain as it’s so cute and means a lot to me. I also managed to get a train by myself for the first time in at least 8 months, which is exciting as it means I am improving. Finally Luke set me a challenge to go 21 days without sweets and mayonnaise which I finish next week, and I am doing well so far although food is SO boring without mayo, I must say.

Who I’ve Met: I added this little section as I’ve met 3 amazing bloggers this month (well one was technically last month, but it was at very end so it counts!) I’ve met the amazing Tanith, Hana and Fii and if you click on their name you can read their amazing blogs! You won’t regret it.

Anything Else? I’ve been loving Starbucks this month and I am addicted to their Java Chip frappe and I don’t want them to stop selling them ever *sobs*, I’ve also been in love with my tangle teezer it’s been a lifesaver with my thick knotty hair!

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