I recently sent a lovely box of goodies from HQ Hair a brand who specializes in beauty and fashion and have the very best brands on their sites such as Benefit, Nars and Ghd. As part of the Halloween campaign #HQscare they sent out some boxes of treats to bloggers. I was very excited and overwhelmed with the number of amazing goodies inside, including a very cute selection of chocolate, DVDs and even some makeup bits.

The first things I found in the box were two DVDS which had kindly been supplied by Zavvi and these were Zombeavers and Dracula, and I haven’t seen either of them so bonus! Zombeavers sounds like my perfect kind of film as it sounds like a rom com with an element of horror and gore, which would be perfect to watch on Halloween itself and with the door knocks it’ll give it that extra element of spookiness. Next I came across two nail varnishes from a brand I am very familiar with and it is Orly, I was beyond excited with the colour choices bright orange and glittery black, perfect for Halloween and I think it took me less than hour until both of my hands and toes were painted in the lovely orange. Following this I came across a lovely eyeshadow stick from NARS who are one of my favourite brands, and I opened the box to find it was a lovely grey colour, perfect for creating smoky eye looks not just for Halloween but for all year round which suits me well as I am a huge fan of a good ole smokey eye.

After the NARS, I came across some Label.m texturising volume spray which I already know from owning it previously that it is a great product and an amazing way to create volume without damaging our hair *rolls eyes* back-combing anyone?! The spray will be perfect for creating big voluminous hair whether that be on Halloween or any other day of the year, it suits me well. Next I came across an awesome under eye concealer from Maybelline, which I know again from past experience that is an amazing product, not sure what I can do with it for Halloween though, but it’s still awesome all the same.  Second to last I came across a box which says Lipstick Queen on, who are a brand I have heard of but have never tried, and when I opened the box I got an awesome surprise as the lip gloss is actually BLUE! I was not expecting it at all, but it made me smile as it’s going to be awesome to use at Halloween time and instantly I was planning make up looks which I could create with the lipgloss. The final products in the box were some chocolate coins and balls with Halloween items on them and it’s safe to say they didn’t last long under my watch.

Thank you so much HQhair for sending me one of these awesome boxes! 

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